Monday, April 30, 2012

New Accountability Partner

I'm definitely more excited about staying on track, now that I have a new accountability partner. My sweet friend Katie is at the exact same place that I am on this journey. She is in a different class than I am, but I see her on her class days. We decided tonight that we are going to keep each other accountable this 8 weeks and we are going to see our goals recognized. 199 is on the radar!!! This is a very tough goal to accomplish, but we know we can do it, if we just stay on task!

If you are on your own journey, I highly recommend getting yourself an accountability person that will lift you up and empower you. Find someone who cares about your journey and wants to genuinely see you succeed! Having a supportive person on your journey is so very helpful!

I will keep you posted as we progress through our classes. Pray for me to remember FOOD IS FUEL and my body is God's Temple, I don't need to mistreat it!

Thanks for sharing my journey with me.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Joy Fit Club Goal

Today I started another 8 week session of Body Back. This time with Kathy as my instructor. I LOVE working out with Kathy. Her energy and positivity as well as her laugh are just infectious! Working out with her is like breathing in fresh air! She was my kickboxing instructor and she is the one who taught me to kick through a block of wood!  I'm thrilled to be reunited with someone who has taught me so much.

I am so close to getting myself into the Joy Fit Club. You have to lose over 100 lbs. and do it all through diet and exercise! 75 lbs is SO close! I must refocus and get myself over the hump. I need to get out of the 200's and I KNOW I can do it! It definitely is not easy.

Of course, this morning, I cracked my pinky toe on a door frame (1:30 am -- fun) -- so I wasn't able to run this morning, but I did all of the rest of the assessments. 1:33 on my plank, which I had to do using ONE leg. The injured foot was resting on top of that one supporting leg. Push ups were a challenge on one leg. I was only able to get 5 good ones in... my goal is 20 good ones for the end of the session assessments!

Help keep me on my path!!! I WANT this!!!!