Monday, April 30, 2012

New Accountability Partner

I'm definitely more excited about staying on track, now that I have a new accountability partner. My sweet friend Katie is at the exact same place that I am on this journey. She is in a different class than I am, but I see her on her class days. We decided tonight that we are going to keep each other accountable this 8 weeks and we are going to see our goals recognized. 199 is on the radar!!! This is a very tough goal to accomplish, but we know we can do it, if we just stay on task!

If you are on your own journey, I highly recommend getting yourself an accountability person that will lift you up and empower you. Find someone who cares about your journey and wants to genuinely see you succeed! Having a supportive person on your journey is so very helpful!

I will keep you posted as we progress through our classes. Pray for me to remember FOOD IS FUEL and my body is God's Temple, I don't need to mistreat it!

Thanks for sharing my journey with me.

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