Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Finishing Will Never Be The Same

My race finishes have forever been changed by the events of 4/15/13 at the Boston Marathon. Whenever I cross a finish line from here on out, I will not be saddened by the works of a coward, rather I'll be empowered by the response of those first on the scene and I will be celebrating the memory of those who lost their lives and honoring the lives of those who lost there limbs and suffered from the acts of the coward.

No finish will ever be in vain. No finish will ever be about me. My finishes will be in gratitude to a God who is with us even in the midst of these horrible atrocities that mankind chooses to bring upon one another for reasons that are beyond my comprehension.

The horrible actions will NOT take away my desire to run races. It will not diminish my trust in human kind. It will not defeat my kind spirit. Now more than ever, I am inspired to love my fellow man more and to be more generous with my kindness. Evil cannot defeat us unless we allow it.

Finish your races with hands held high in memory, in honor and in thankfulness.

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