Friday, March 23, 2012

Keep On Running and Running

Another great 3 mile morning run with a sprint at the finish. This morning my run was with Sarah... my sorority sister and now sole sister! I want to start pushing a little further with my run, maybe trying to tack on another mile! We are training for the Army 10 Miler. We need to start upping our mileage to prepare for that intimidating race.

I feel so great after a run. I'm so thankful for a great place to run and great friends to run with in the mornings. I'm thankful for the beautiful weather we have been having. This week felt great! 5 days of great workouts.

I'm really feeling the need for a night out at a club. I love dancing. I'm not necessarily great at it, but I LOVE IT, and I love the cardio workout I get... 2-3 straight hours of dancing.  You can't get a more fun cardio workout than that!

I'm trying to find little ways to add more cardio in each and every day... you know Kickin it up a Notch! ;)

I had a fantastic eating day yesterday. Stayed on task, wrote everything in my journal. Getting myself back on track so that I can see another significant loss and hopefully make it to my next goal, very very soon.

Hoping to have a great weekend and find a way to add in extra cardio. Rest day on Sunday! :)

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