Tuesday, May 1, 2012

It's an Honor and a Privilege

This morning, I got up and met three of my favorite people and we went running at 5:30 a.m. We ran 2 miles and then walked a bit further for our cool down. What a beautiful morning we had for running. I shed my running shirt about 1/2 a mile in. It was over 60 degrees and humid... but so beautiful! My running partners make my run so enjoyable. I did the last portion of my run in a short sprint. It felt great. My final sprint is my "get the cobwebs out" moment... it's the moment I shake everything loose, give it my all and become spent. It's the moment I EARN my cool down. It's my "miracle" moment. I hate sprinting with a passion, but I have come to love my final sprint. Panting, sweat dripping, side stitch and all... it signals I've had a good run and a strong finish.

Today was a great run because two of the people we run with, run a bit faster than me and A. They paced our first mile, and we hung back a bit on our second mile. Our first mile was under 13 -- THAT NEVER happens for me! Overall, we finished with an average time of just under 13 minutes! I'm stoked that we did so well today!

For me, running is such a privilege. I think of those who don't have the ability to run, those who are limited by medical reasons, those who are limited for any reason and I run for them! I always thought I could not run. I laugh when people tell me they can't run. I just think, if you only KNEW!!! I was only limited by my small thinking and by my self doubt. I have no medical reason why I shouldn't run. God gave me these working legs and this working and able body -- my running is Glorification of the AMAZING creator!!!  HE made my body with the ability to do these things, ALL PRAISE and HONOR and GLORY to Him! I weigh over 200 lbs... I RUN! I always said I was "too fat" to run. Um, no such thing! Trust God, He knows what your body can do and you'll be amazed at what He can sustain your body to handle!

I think of the sweet little girl, Brenda, from church this past Sunday. She is 9 years old and lives in Africa. She had to walk 1.5 miles (each way) in rough terrain to bring dirty water to her family, so they'd have water. The water bottles, filled to the top, weigh 40 lbs. Brenda can carry it half full... 20 lbs. 3 miles, at 9 years of age. Could YOU do that? Where do you think Brenda gets her strength to carry that water? God made her amazing! Fortunately for Brenda, God blessed her village and they now have a deep well with CLEAN water that is available to everyone in the village! She no longer has to make those treks. She is an example to me of what we are created to be able to endure. We have been wonderfully and beautifully made. We should never take that for granted. We should never doubt our abilities. We should never make excuses for things we "might" be able to do, if only we'd try.

My challenge, to anyone reading this... is do something difficult today. Prove to yourself that you CAN do something you may not have thought possible... maybe it is walking 1 mile, maybe it is trying a push-up or a sit-up, maybe it is a Zumba class. Let God amaze you by the abilities that He has blessed you with... stop dwelling on what you can't do and celebrate that which you CAN do!

Thanks for following my journey.  I'm going to take a moment to celebrate the fact that I have updated my blog 2 days in a row AND I have been food journaling as well!  WOOHOO!!!  I'm ready to get OUT of the 200 lbs and into "ONE"DERLAND!!!!!!

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