Saturday, May 18, 2013

A New Chapter

On Wednesday, May 15, 2013, I began a new chapter in my journey. Realizing that I just can't seem to stay on track on my own, I signed up with a trainer. Philip Search of Life Fitness Training & Co. LLC has taken me on as a client. He has lofty goals for this mother of four. I believe in his direction. I've seen the results of his training on others. I know what can be done, IF I put in the hard work and follow his directions.

Our first session was a lot of hard work, but it was also fun. Having done personal training in a gym before, I thought I knew what to expect. Turns out, I had no clue. The trainers in the gym are not necessarily interested in my losing weight and getting healthy... they are looking out for their paycheck. Philip is patient and reassuring and takes strides to make sure I keep proper form and am really getting something out of my workout.

After having gained back nearly 40 lbs of my original weight loss in 8 months, I'm not satisfied. I'm restless and eager to get restarted. I am eager to see change and to fit into my adorable summer wardrobe that generous friends and workout buddies have supplied me with. I have a closet filled with size 12-14 clothes and I can't wear them. That's depressing! I was so close! Well, the past is behind us and the future is infront of us. I'm moving forward and not looking back. I'm learning from my mistakes and working hard to not make those same mistakes again.

Philip thinks he can get me down to a size 6 or maybe even a 4 -- WHAT!?! OK, I'm just going to trust, and not dwell on those numbers! I'll be happy to slip comfortably into my size 12 turquoise capris! Seeing as how I've not ever worn a size 12 as an adult (at least not in public or comfortably). I have, in my head, a few goals I'd like to achieve. For now, I am just focussing on getting a routine down, cutting out foods that trigger my overeating and finding alternatives to eating when bored or upset.

I'm learning to fit in 45 minutes of cardio in each day, whether I'm running with friends, walking with my family, or going to the gym. The MINIMUM cardio each day is 45 minutes. I'm also relearning how to eat clean and how to help my children eat cleaner! This needs to be a family effort, so that we all encourage each other and are there for each other.

I explained to my children that I can't do this journey on my own. I need them along for the ride. I need their help all along the way. They actually were excited when I made this into a team journey. Now they grumble about their lack of snack choices, but they are young, they will adjust and they still get their "sometimes" foods when visiting my mom or sister. As they know, there are NO off limit foods, just foods that we don't keep in our house and foods that we don't eat on a regular basis. They aren't "treats" -- pets get treats. Our sometimes foods are just not part of our everyday life, and that is OK.

So, will I never grace the inside of Shyndigz again? No way! Of course I'll go back there and savor one of their delicious deserts one day. Weekly, however, not gonna happen. I can still go to Bottom's Up Pizza and nom on a slice of JoJo or Chesapeake. What I won't be doing is eating pizza weekly, or maybe even monthly. All things in moderation. And those foods can wait until I have regained my self control. Fat burning and weight loss are a must. I can't keep hoping and waiting. The time is NOW!

27 years of obesity -- I'm finally breaking up with obesity. But as they say, Breaking Up is hard to do! The road won't be easy, but it will be worth it, in many many ways. It's time to let go of the excuses. It's time to amp up my game. It's time to Rock n Roll!!!!!!

Peace out... I'm headed to the gym!

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