Monday, May 7, 2012

The Good, The Bad and the Beautiful!

This past weekend was amazing! I managed to journal a plan for Saturday and I stuck to my plan almost completely. THAT is the good! Sunday I did not journal, but was VERY careful about my food intake, even passing up dark chocolate mini candy bars at my mom's house.

The BAD: I weighed in for curiostity's sake this morning. Seeing as how I have been journaling and working out MORE, I expected a pretty nice drop in pounds today. It was not to be so. I was up 1 pound from last week!  My heart sunk and my stomach lurched. How could this be?  Well, one thing is... even with all of my journaling... I had a TON of sodium over the weekend with the consumption of processed foods! I know this played a huge role. Chips and Salsa are now on my banned list for a week or more! Now, I did dip peppers in salsa to cut back on my chip intake, but apparently, I ate enough chips to make a difference. Thus, why the chips stay at mom's house and do not come home to my house!

Now for the BEAUTIFUL... there were 3 beautiful things that I saw today. First, on my way to the gym for my morning workout, the moon was full and bright and beautiful and I could see it all the way to the gym. Then upon leaving the gym to head home, the sun had risen and was peeking through the trees causing all kinds of beautiful flare. it was a stunning way to end a workout and start the rest of my day. But the most beautiful thing I saw all day, was on my way to work tonight. There was a woman, probably in her 70's, with absolutely picture perfect hair and make up. She donned running shoes, running shorts and a t-shirt. She was outside in the glorious sunshine on an early evening run. I just looked at her and a huge smile came across my face. If I make it to 70, I want to be like her. I want to take advantage of living and get out there and be running, in nature, enjoying all the sights, sounds and smells, while I keep my body fit and healthy! She was the most beautiful thing I have seen in a long time. She looked so happy to be out there running by herself. She just made me happy and made me realize how I want to be as I age... happy and fit! A runner, forever.

Take time to notice the beauty around you. There are always good things and bad things, ups and downs... but God puts beauty in the most unlikely of places, at the oddest of moments. I truly believe He does this to see if we are paying attention. Life tends to bog us down and blinds us from the beauty around us. Try to push life to the side and seek out the beauty. You'll feel so blessed when you glimpse the unexpected beauty that you may have otherwise missed!

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