Thursday, August 11, 2011

8 Week Assessments! June 21- August 11

Today, after 8 weeks of working hard, we had our assessments! Of course, my alarm did not go off (It was user error, of that I am certain!). I woke up and saw light, and I KNEW something was amiss! I grabbed my phone, and it said 5:49 --- WHAT????!!!! I set the alarm for 4:50, so unless that alarm went off and I never heard it, then I guess I set it incorrectly! I jumped up, ran to the bathroom, threw on clothes, brushed my teeth and put on deodorant... no time for fixing hair... just had to GO! Jumped in the car and drove (carefully and not recklessly) straight to the TreeHouse. Thankfully, people were still weighing in and they'd not started assessments by the time I rolled in (without my shoes and socks on).

I weighed in, and dag if that mean old scale didn't say I'd gained 1 lb. since Tuesday! HUH??!! It did not matter, I was still down to my goal! I lost the 15 lbs needed to take me to a total of 50 lbs. lost since March 1!!! Super exciting! My goal was to lose 50 by vacation, and by golly, I DID IT!!! I'm going on vacation a full 50 lbs. lighter! Amazing.

After weigh in, Alex took our measurements. What a difference 8 weeks makes. My chest dropped 3 inches. My waist dropped 3.5 inches, my hips 2 inches and my thighs 2 inches! My goal was to lose 1 inch in my thighs this 8 weeks. I did that PLUS! A total of 10.5 inches lost this session!!! I'd say, so far, WINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER!

Then came assessments... This was frustrating for me. I did not hold my plank for 1:30 like I'd so hoped to do. However, my side plank, I held for longer than I thought was possible for me! My situps improved by 2, my pushups by 5. My squats did not improve... I was doing them too slowly I think, but I was trying to do them perfectly. My bicep curls did not go so well, not awful, just not where I wanted them to be. BUT, then comes the biggie -- Our 1/2 mile run. At the beginning of this class, my 1/2 mile run was 6:10. Throughout the session, we ran the 1/2 a couple of times. I brought it to a 5:48, then to a 5:32. My hope today was to bring it to a 5:30. When I crossed the finish line (and I sprinted at the end... I'll quote Annette "Lisa, I can't catch up to you!" -- she'd had already finished and came back to run me in when I suddenly burst forth with my sprint.) -- as I was saying, when I crossed the finish line, I was panting and grasping for air and all I wanted to do was lay down. My time for this 1/2 mile was 5:18!!!!!! Unbelievable.

Now, you know, we are running with others. The others in my class (the majority) run this 1/2 in under 5 -- as in some of them run it in under 3:30!!! So, I have to remember that I am not competing against their time. I am competing against MY previous times. So, while I want to be as fast as they are... I'm just proud of myself for being faster than my last time. And when you look at where I started in March... my 1/2 mile was 7:43 -- 5.5 months later, to have a time of 5:18 -- I cannot complain. Now, I do have to say, my goal for the next 8 weeks, is to shave that 18 seconds OFF of my time. I can! I WILL!!!

Over all after 3 sessions:
Start on March 1: 288 lbs
Finish on August 11: 238 lbs.

1st session-
-18.5 lbs
2nd session-
-16.5 lbs
3rd session-
-15 lbs
Total: -50 lbs

1st session-
-8 inches
2nd session-
-9 inches
3rd session-
-10.5 inches
Total: -27.5 inches

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