Monday, August 1, 2011

Monday Monday...

It was a muggy one out there! I was late for my run this morning by 6 minutes! I got up at 4:50 to get ready, but I wanted to weigh first. the Wiimotes were not apparently in the mood to cooperate. So, I woke Matt up (which he was actually laying there with his eyes open, and normally I don't think he even hears when I get up and leave) and asked for his help. He got it to work at 5:15 (when I normally leave) but I was determined to weigh PRIOR to my run. (I do this to keep myself in the know, not wanting to lose sight of my goals and I weigh 1 time per day about 4 days per week, always around 5 am.)

Today I ran with Angie, Angel and Stefanie. We have a great little group and we run well together. I always bring up the rear, but someone is always willing to run with me, which I appreciate. Today we dropped Stefanie off at 3 miles, and then we carried on for 1 extra. Four miles is a great run. I'm tired afterward, but I feel good. Working my way up to that 5! I'll get there. I enjoy running with girls training for the 1/2 marathon, because it will help me go farther so that my 8K will not seem like such a daunting task. I am hoping that by the 8K, I'll be running 5-6 miles per run. (apx. 15-18 miles per week)

I truly never knew that I'd enjoy running. My best friend can vouch that I have NEVER in my life enjoyed running and have always said that I'd never run unless someone was chasing me! My whole attitude has adjusted and now I don't enjoy short runs at all, but would much rather run 2+ miles at one time. My legs are so tight on a short run or a sprint, but on the long run my legs warm up and then it is just about maintaining and keeping moving, and not about the discomfort, because on the longer runs, I tend not to feel the discomfort except in the very beginning and then again when my legs begin to fatigue. I wish I could describe it so that non-runners could understand it. I'm not a fast runner by any means, and most people would call me a slogger (slow jogger) -- but the fact is, I am out there, and I am moving and I am burning calories and I am enjoying myself.

I must say, the company I keep on my runs helps make it fun. Angel and I can tell each other anything, and we do. That can provide endless laughs. Then there is Stefanie, I don't know that I've ever met a sweeter and more genuine person. Running with her is like running with a best friend, you know she's there for you and happy to be there with you. And then Angie! She's an inspiration. She never stops going, she doesn't give up and she gives you the courage to keep plugging. She is so encouraging and has a smile on her face almost 100% of the time. The four of us make running look fun, because we all smile while we run. Why do we smile? Some days I smile because if I don't, I think I may not make it through the first mile. Those are days when I'm tired from not enough sleep, or grumpy because something in my life isn't going my way. Some days I smile because I'm just so glad to be out in God's world, enjoying his creation with wonderful friends at my side. We smile because we enjoy our run and we enjoy sharing our lives with each other. We smile because we are doing something wonderful for our bodies. There isn't much for us NOT to smile about! Besides that, all three of the girls I run with have wicked senses of humor, which helps keep me laughing and smiling and enjoying my time!

Shameless plug: OK, today I was DYING for a SweatyBand! I'm telling you... I sweat like a piggy, especially in the humidity. My poor eyes just sting with sweat throughout the run. A SweatyBand would have been a perfect accessory for today's run! Looking forward to receiving my first one in the mail, SOON!

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