Friday, September 2, 2011

Friday and a long weekend!

Got up this morning and ran with Kim Hughes. Always such a treat to run with Kim because we can find so much to talk about. The talking through the run makes the run go so quickly. When I first started the run this morning, I was not feeling it. I was thinking, maybe we should only do 2 miles instead of 3. I just wasn't interested in doing more. Before I knew it, we were back to where we had started and we'd run all 3 miles we intended to run. That is such a great feeling. We kept it a nice easy pace for both of us.

Today's run, while shorter, was actually harder than the 4 miles we did yesterday. It turns out 10 degrees and high humidity makes a HUGE difference in how you run! This morning, the air was thick and heavy. Yesterday, the air was light and crisp. HUGE difference in the two days, and thus a huge difference on the run.

I got two new running shirts last night. I got my fall/winter jacket type pullover as one of my shirts. It is white w/ reflective material. I love it! And I got a new pink short sleeve tech shirt. It is SUPER bright, so that I hope drivers can see me now when I run. I need to find running tights for when the weather begins to turn cold. I have a favorite kind of sock. I got them at Target, and now I hate running in any other kind of sock. I must find more of these awesome socks!

I'm very interested in making BETTER quality exercise clothing for "plus size" figures. I know that I can now wear exercise clothing from big name brands, but prior to losing 52 lbs. I could hardly find any good workout clothing. Everything was cotton. Dry wicking was non-existent. Forget about compression leggings/capris. AND, everything was frumpy/dumpy. I've googled like a mad woman, and cannot find quality "plus size" workout clothing. I know how I felt when I started, I felt defeated, fat, ugly and sweaty. Have good quality, good feeling clothing to workout in, makes me more excited to workout. So, I'm determined to find a company to work with to develop a line of clothing geared to the women who have 100+ to lose, who are serious about their weight loss and who want to feel good while they are working out. I'm passionate about this! I have to figure out how to make it happen.

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