Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Wiggle Room

Last week, I won tickets to Disney On Ice. I took my 2nd daughter and my best friend and her daughter. It was a mess as our tickets were not at Will Call when we got there. But to make a long story short, we got in. I had not been to a show at the Coliseum since last December.

We found our seats and even though we missed the beginning of the show, we were happy to be there. As I sat there, after a while I suddenly realized, I fit in my seat. Well, I've always "fit" in my seat, but never comfortably. The arms of the chairs used to cut into my hips as I sat. I could never get my legs comfortable. This experience was totally different. I sat there, and actually had wiggle room. I had room to put my hands on either side of me, in the seat! It was an amazing feeling. I cannot remember the last time I comfortably sat in those seats, maybe at the circus in middle school.

Just another way my journey has positively impacted my life.

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