Thursday, April 14, 2011

100's Class... I survived!

So, today I survived 100's class. Got pretty dizzy at one point... very thankful for Kim who was along beside me and kept me focused! That was one TOUGH class! I still am not so great at push ups which really annoys me!

So, I keep having these reoccurring thoughts of "When will I be able to eat normal again?" -- UM, yes, you see, THIS is normal... what I was doing before was killing me slowly. I have to keep reminding myself that THIS is how we should eat to care for our bodies. I love the foods I am eating, so that isn't a problem (though I did make a smoothie this week, and I REALLY hate yogurt, EVEN in a smoothie) -- I guess I'm thinking more of "special occasion" foods. Like when we go to the beach. I won't lie, this girl loves hush puppies. There is not another fried food I can think of that I actually miss eating. That said, Hush Puppies have always been a "once in a while" food... never did I eat them once a week or even once a month. I go to Chick Fil A and I have NO desire for waffle fries or the original sandwich... but I DO miss the chicken biscuit. I used to eat them about 3 times a week. I haven't had one in nearly 2 months now. Donuts. I love donuts... creme filled Krispy Kreme creme filled donuts -- Oh I can hear Rachel... WHY? Why would you punish yourself like that? -- The answer is easy... up until recently, I didn't realize it was punishment! Do I plan on having a donut at the beach over the summer. Yes, I do. BUT, I also plan to walk/jog the 1+mile to get it and then run/walk back to the house! I don't miss ice cream. I do miss chocolate, but I allow myself a piece here and there, not a whole serving, just enough to get a taste and move on. I do miss Frostings Cupcakes... but now that I know the calories, I'm missing them a whole lot less! I realize that my lifestyle is changing. I'm learning that food is not a reward, it's a way to fuel my body. If I put good pure fuel in, then my body will run more efficiently. If I fuel my body with fatty, refined, processed foods my body will be sluggish and less responsive. I CAN have those "once in a while" foods, but now I just have to think through it, rather than mindlessly eat. I have to ask WHY I want the food, and is it worth it, and will it cause me to spiral into a bad pattern. Some days are easier than others!

That said, today was a more difficult day for me... I was STARVING after class, and stayed pretty hungry most of the day, not to mention Thursday is a VERY busy day for our family, it's easy to make poor decisions... that is NOT an excuse.

6 whole wheat chzits
english muffin (high fiber/low cal)
veg. sausage patty

cottage cheese (1/2 cup serving)
1/2 cup multigrain cheerios

W.W. tortilla

dried fruit and nuts (1 serving)
2 creme de menthe hershey kisses

baby carrots w/ hummus
grilled chicken sandwich

Not a horrible day, but I could have made a few better choices!

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