Thursday, April 21, 2011

March 1- April 21

Today was my assessment from my 8 weeks of Body Back. The journey began on March 1. I weighed in at 288 lbs. I couldn't do 1 sit up, I couldn't do 1 push up. I could not run an entire 1/2 mile. I couldn't do a plank for more than 16 seconds.

After 8 weeks of training my body, 8 weeks of healthy eating, 8 weeks of positive encouragement -- the results are in:
269.5 - down 18.5 lbs.
8 inches lost (that's 2 inches from each: chest, stomach, hips and thigh)
20 sit ups in 1 minute
2 push ups in 1 minute
31 squats in 1 minute
31 bicep curls in 1 minute
44 second plank hold
9 second side plank hold (this was not an improvement, if I had led w/ my right arm, I'd have done much better, whoops)
and for the last result:
6.43 minute 1/2 mile run -- shaved a 1.11 minute off of my original time from 8 weeks ago!!! And I ran the whole thing w/ a sprint at the finish!

I'd say, I'm making strides! My next 8 weeks technically begins on Tuesday, however, I'm going to keep up the work in between. With Easter coming this weekend, I have to devise a plan to make it through and stay on target. I dropped 5.5 lbs in the last week and 2 days. I don't want to lose this momentum.

Maegan just asked me about how much I had lost... and I explained, I lost more than baby Cait weighs. WOW!

Oh by the way... I'm saying it again... I'm 269.5, which means, I am smaller than I was before I got pregnant with Wils, and before I got pregnant with Wils I was smaller than I was at my wedding. This is a HUGE mile stone.

I'm already thinking of my goals for next session. I'd like to continue the weight loss -- I'd love to see the 250's -- Just thinking that I can get there is SO exciting for me. I don't remember the last time I weighed in the 250's!!! It is going to require work, but I can do it!!! I also want to lose inches again. I'm hoping for another 8 inches minimum! My final goal is to continue with positive thinking!

One of my goals from the first 8 weeks was to gain confidence. I can say, without a doubt, I have gained that confidence. With my role as President of the Children's Heart Foundation, Virginia Chapter, I need to be able to do public speaking. My weight has ALWAYS been an issue where public speaking is concerned. I don't enjoy getting in front of people because I feel like they are judging me rather than listening to what I have to say. The weight has made me feel as though I'm less important that thinner speakers. Obviously we all know that isn't true. I just needed a boost in confidence! This class is definitely boosting my confidence.

So, did I finis last in the run today? Yes, I did. Am I sad about that? NO, I'm not. I'm beyond proud that I was able to run an entire 1/2 mile with out having to stop and walk a little bit. I am stoked that I was able to shave over a minute off of my original time. Amazing! I need to keep up the running, because I would really love to run the entire 3 miles at the fun run for the Congenital Heart Walk. I KNOW it is possible!

I give God 100% of the glory in this victory, because He created this body! He made me. He knew that I could do this! I just needed to believe I could do it! and as Rachel always says, "I CAN. I WILL!"

All of this is bittersweet this morning, as my sister in law is fighting for her life. Her fight reminds me of my need to continue on this path. Prayers for her healing are much appreciated. She is younger than I am and has two beautiful little girls that need her in this world. Please lift her up, and lift up my brother as he is trying to be her helpmate, care for his girls and hold down a job that is less than caring about his situation.

I thank all of you for reading my blog and following my journey. Your positive encouragement has been exactly what I have needed.

Here is my food journal from yesterday:
English muffin melt (w/ 2 slices of tomato and a sprinkling of pepper jack cheese)
hummus, pita/carrots
turkey wrap w/ spinach, onions, tomato, colby jack 2% chz
chocolate raspberry fruit thin cookie (about 44 calories)
baked chicken
dried tomato and garlic pesto penne

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