Monday, April 11, 2011

It's a new day!

Good Morning Blogging World, Friends, Followers, etc! I hope everyone had a great weekend. I know it looks like this is my second post of the day, however, the other post was from last night, but I fell asleep before I could publish it (Hubby took the computer for a little bit, and I was out cold before he gave it back).

Before I fell asleep last night, I decided I should check my email. What greeted me was quite a surprise. We had a homework challenge -- and I did NOT get it until after 10 p.m. just as I was falling asleep in my bed! SO, I did NOT get up and meet the challenge head on... Just being honest here!

What is the challenge? Oh, only 100 push ups and 500 crunches everyday, Sunday - Wednesday -- Well... I'm one day behind on that challenge, which means, today, is 200 push ups and 1000 crunches for me today. I've got 180 push ups to go and 900 crunches. The good thing is, the kids love doing them with me, so I have great company to keep me motivated to meet the goal!

We are also supposed to eat to the plan booklet ALL WEEK -- Weekdays are much easier for me to do that. SO, now I just have to get organized. Plan my meals and get started! I went to the grocery store as soon as I dropped Maegs off at school. I'm armed with fresh and frozen fruits and veggies, some shrimp, some salmon, brown rice, chicken, etc.

My nutritionist informed me that I need to try making smoothies. So, I bought yogurt to help me do just that.

Here is a helpful hint that I use at home, that may be helpful to some who read my blog. If you buy foods that are NOT prepackaged (ie: dried fruits, nuts, etc.) in single servings. Buy a bag of "snack bags" (zip lock) and then as soon as you get home from the store, figure out what the appropriate serving size is for said snacks and then immediately break them up into the appropriate serving size and place in the snack bags. Put them in the pantry (I like to use a rubbermade tub to hold them in), and then when you are hungry, you already have your snack measured out perfectly and you stand less of a chance of over eating! I use this trick for the kids, too! It just works so much better than letting them eat out of a box.

Another helpful hint, for those who aren't sure they are drinking enough water. Buy yourself a cup that has ounces marked on the sides (I actually use my hospital cups from when I had my babies)... I know I have to drink a minimum of Two full 32 oz cups of water in a day... more if I can fit it in! Seeing the oz go by helps me get all my water in and feel accomplished.

OK, I guess it's time for 20 more push ups and 100 more crunches for this morning! I hope these kids are ready! :)

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