Monday, April 11, 2011


I totally blew journaling this week! Not food journaling, just blogging in general. SO sorry about that! OK So, I have not a clue where I wrote down my food from Thursday, I just know that I ate "from the book" for that entire day, so I have no issues with what I ate.

Friday was a great day! I knew I'd be headed out on Friday night to a charity function, so I was VERY stingy with my calories. I did my usual breakfast (250 calories), and then for lunch we had Chick Fil A, I ate my salad as my snack in the afternoon and just had my sandwich for lunch. I decided I'd save up one snack and a meal for the charity event, which actually worked out perfectly, because I did not eat all of my food at one time, I actually ate 2 bite sized pieces of peanut chicken, 4 spiced shrimp with cocktail sauce, pineapple slices, roasted veggies, two thin slices of baguette and piece of thin sliced provalone early in the evening. I only drank water at the event. Later in the evening, after a little dancing and socializing, I got hungry again, and went back for more veggies (squash, red peppers and zucchini) and they had a tray of crackers w/ goat cheese and some kind of spicy chutney, so I ate one (they were small, about 1/2 dollar size). Then I got back on the dance floor and danced some more! It was a lot of fun, and I did not gorge myself on food. I went home feeling like I had a successful evening and not feeling guilty for my food choices!

Saturday is our RUN like crazy day... we have to be on the soccer pitch by 8:15! I was so busy getting the kids fed and lining up my mom to take care of Cait (it was TOO cold for her to go to the games), that I nearly forgot to eat breakfast! I grabbed my left over slice of veggie pizza ( 1/4 of an 8 in. pizza) and shoved that in with 2 cups of water as I was running out the door. I totally forgot to grab a snack! (VERY BAD, as I knew I would not be home until nearly 1 to eat again!) Finished up with soccer and flew from Mechanicsville out to John Rolfe PKWY in the west end, to meet with my nutritionist (River City Nutrition, look it up!) -- learned that I need to be eating 1400 calories a day to lose weight. Trying to figure out how to fit our busy lifestyle in to a 1400 calorie meal plan is going to take some creativity, especially because I am not about eating food that is flavorless, it must taste good or why eat it? She also made me feel better about wanting a Reeses Peanut Butter Egg -- she told me to hold out on my craving and then on Easter, allow myself to have my egg, and savor it. I think I will! ;) I need to put one in the freezer the night before Easter (it has to be frozen, that's how I like it). She also said that is OK to plan one night a month for a "special." So now I can put something like "ice cream night" on the calendar and the kids and I can look forward to a date together to get a sweet treat -- and it doesn't have to break my plan, I can go to Sweet Frog (look it up) and get some frozen yogurt -- and still eat with in my plan. I can go to Ray's and get my cappuccino blended water ice! These are "sometimes" foods. Not something you eat everyday, or even once a week. Just sometimes. I like the idea of "scheduling" these events into our life. When I got to mom's house, I was starving, so I fixed myself a whole wheat bread round in the toaster then topped it with turkey and swiss. She was out of fruits and veggies, so I ate 1/2 a serving of sweet potato and beet chips (not a great choice). After that, mom and I went shopping. Of course, I did not take a snack! When I got home, I had some carrots and hummus and two triscuits to tide me over while I made myself dinner. I made a two egg white omelet with mushrooms, onions, spinach, red pepper, garlic and a sprinkling of parm.

Today was a busy day as well! I decided to go low on calories as we had 2 parties to attend today. Breakfast was a w.w. mini bagel w/ veggie sausage (190 cal.), snack was 100 cal nuts + 60 cal fruit cookie (Newton Fruit Thin) -(160 cal), lunch was Black Bean veggie burger on tortilla with spinach and onion, hummus and carrots (300 cal), then baby shower, I had 3 slices of red pepper, 2 baby carrots, 1 1/2 teaspoon spinach dip, 1 tablespoon of cheeseball w/ one small torn piece of hawaiian bread and a glass of water -- (I'd say this was about 150 calories), I did not eat at the birthday party. For dinner I made shrimp ettouffe from a mix ... as prepared 1 cup was 200 calories. I ate 1 -1/2 cups (300 calories)

Overall, this weekend was a rushed but VERY fun weekend! I felt great all weekend and did not feel the need for emotional eating.

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