Sunday, April 17, 2011

It's the Weekend

Wow, what a weekend. It has been crazy, and when things gets crazy, my plans get jacked up and well, I don't do so well. However, I do much better than I used to, and that is a victory! So, Friday started off with middle of the night wakings from my son, screaming that his ear was hurting. I know my boy. He doesn't lie about ear pain. We had a 9am appointment w/ Dr. Mapp. That meant my schedule and planning were OFF! I chose to eat Grapes, cottage cheese, walnuts/almonds for breakfast. Found out that Wils did in fact have an ear infection, but also allergies and was sounding asthmatic. So, we were at the dr. for a while doing a breathing treatment which seemed to help. Then off to Martin's to buy some soft foods for my BFF who had her wisdom teeth taken out and a special treat... gerbera daisies, and to get his prescript filled. They took too long and I had to get home without the meds.

Once Cait was up from her nap, we piled in the car and headed to my BFF's house to drop off her goodies. When we were done I had to go get Wils' prescrition, which is right beside my parent's house. We decided just to stop there until time to get Maegan. I popped us some popcorn (and sprinkled mine w/ parm... S1 I believe) Soon it was time to get Maegan from school. We had not eaten lunch at this point. We got home and Wils fell fast asleep. I fed the girls and got Cait down for a nap, and then I made myself a veggie quesadilla loaded with mushrooms, onions, peppers, spinach and garlic, and just a tablespoon of cheddar cheese (to be able to call it a quesadilla). And then I had 2 Hershey Kisses.

I woke Cait and Wils up shortly before Matt was to get home. I fed Wils and fed Cait. We were rushing to get ourselves to CMoR to meet up with friends. The kids had a ball playing at CMoR. We adults had a great time as well and we ended up shutting the place down at 7:30.

We decided we needed to go have dinner, so we went to Mexico. I was VERY worried that I would NOT be able to resist the chips and salsa. No sooner did my tukus hit the seat then slapped down in front me was the chip basket and salsa. I moved the chips closer to my friend and further from me. I even moved the salsa jar over as well... if I could smell it, then I would want it on a chip. Cait was hungry and fussing, so I grabbed a chip. Broke it into little pieces and fed her. I made it through the ENTIRE meal without so much as ONE chip! I was quite impressed!

I had to look the menu over forever before deciding what I would order. I had planned my dinner for Red Robin for girls night out... and obviously by closing down CMoR, I missed that boat! So, now I had to completely change my train of thought. I knew Cait and Mia would eat beans. The older kids wanted a taco and they wanted MacnChz (why I don't know, they did not really eat either item???) I knew Matt would get enchiladas poblanas. He was so cute, asking me if I thought that it would be a healthy choice (corn tortillas, not fried, stuffed with chicken topped w/ mole poblano sauce and white cheese) I told him he could do worse, but it wasn't the best option. And I continued on my quest for just the right thing. Then I read the description of the Camerones Yucatecas -- grilled shrimp and veggies over Mexican white rice, served w/ guacamole salad. My meal did not disappoint. Cait even helped me eat my veggies and rice (squash, zucchini, onions, peppers and tomatoes) -- there were no tortillas.The shrimp were grilled to perfection, and it was probably the best Mexian meal I've ever eaten. I had a difficult time limiting myself on the rice, it def. could not have been healthy! I finally put my plate on the other side of the table with a napkin in it so I'd stop eating it. I left the restaurant NOT feeling sick and bloated and ready to pop! I felt nicely satisfied and comfortable in my clothes. It was a good feeling and a VICTORY for me! My friends apologized profusely for the chips being on the table, but I told them it was fine, I was looking forward to my dinner and the chips would only ruin it... and I know that is true.

Everyone came home and went straight to bed, it had been a long day and the morning would bring SOCCER at 8:30 a.m. I got up Saturday morning and started hustling to get everything ready for soccer. Thankfully, kids had their uniforms and gear at the front door and needed minimal help. Meanwhile, I'm making breakfast for everyone, packing the cooler with snacks (berries, granola bars, my fruit/nut mix, crackers, fruit thins and water) Cait wakes up with croup! I knew I could not take her to the field, so I sent Matt and Wils on to the field and called my mom to see if Cait could chill with her since I missed Wils' game last week and he scored 3 goals, I had to be there for the game! I fixed myself an eng. muffin w/ veg. sausage and chz and then threw the girls in their seats and dropped Cait off with Gammy, picked up PopPop and off we went to sit in the rain.

It was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO worth it! Wils scored a goal, and my heart soared! So proud of my baby! Then we moseyed on over to Maegan's field and waited for her team to show. We were soaked to the bone at this point, and freezing. Wils was "starving" after having a juice box and goldfish from his post game team snack... so he downed an entire container of blueberries (gotta put that on my shopping list for tomorrow), then he and Mia ate granola bars. They didn't see the strawberries in the bag, or I'm sure they'd have devoured them as well. At this point, I was getting hungry, so I got out my little neatly packed in a ziplock baggie, single serving size of fruit and nuts mixed together. Maegan had a stellar first have, driving for that goal, but she never quite connected. She truly displayed some great skill with ball control. Very proud of that little girl. She can be a beast on that field... and she's not afraid to get in there and play hard, fall hard, and have fun! At the half, I kissed her, told her I was proud of her, but I needed to get her siblings home. Wils was shivering and I knew he needed out of the weather ASAP.

When I got to Mom's house, Cait was fast asleep, so we made ourselves comfortable for a while. We fixed the kids lunch and I drank some hot tea to try and heat back up. Mom and I dried the kids clothes and wrapped them in warm blankets (me, I was still in soaked clothing). Maegan and Matt joined us not long after, and we dried their clothes and wrapped them in warm clothes.

Meanwhile, on Friday night, our family had a family emergency. My brother, who's wife had been hospitalized earlier in the week to have her gastric bypass surgery procedure reversed, had begun having complications after being home just 24 hours. She was rushed back to the hospital. On Saturday, I thought my sister and I should work out something to help out with our nieces. We decided a cousin party was in order. A cousin SLUMBER party!

Once all the clothes were dry and Cait was awake, we headed home to get geared up for the "Cousin Slumber Party" at my sister's house. We decided we would make dinner together and let the kids watch a movie until they fell asleep. I ate some cottage cheese for lunch, and then later in the day had crackers and string cheese. We'd decided on grilled chicken for dinner along w/ a pasta salad that came recommended by River City Nutrition. I also decided I'd make a strawberry spinach salad. Well, I forgot to set out the chicken, so it ended up being a salad night. The pasta salad was AMAZING! The strawberry spinach salad was good as well. AND, I had a box of Trader Joes Roasted Red Pepper Tomato soup, so I took that along. Dinner was so yummy I kept sneaking bites of the pasta salad... FINALLY I had to make myself stay out of the kitchen because I knew I was probably over the 1 cup serving! My sister brought up making brownies. I guess she read the look of panic on my face because she said, "The kids are fine, it's late, let's just not do it!" I was so relieved. I was feeling weak and knew I did not want to be faced with the tempting smell of brownies!

After dinner, I challenged the kids to join me in push ups. The kids think this is so much fun. We laughed and did our push ups and laughed more. Then it was time for baths and bed! We got them scrubbed up, and put them in my nephew's room with a movie. 5 children in the bed, one in a sleeping bag on the floor and Cait in her packnplay in the playroom. We adults sat down to watch Due Date (hilarious, btw). My nephew ended up coming in the room with us and falling asleep on the floor. Matt and I stayed the night, even though we had another early morning awaiting us!

6:45 Cait wakes up crying and coughing. She was burning up with fever. Not five minutes later, Mia wakes up screaming that her ear hurts. I place a call into the ped. and get a 9 am appointment. Maegan is supposed to sing at church at 10:30! I packed us up and we headed home. While Matt did breakfast, I got a quick shampoo in, semi dried my hair, and buckled Cait and Mia into the van and took off to the ped. I DID grab fruit and nuts mix as I headed out the door.

Mia was diagnosed with a double ear infection, but otherwise, healthy as could be. Cait's ears were home free, but she's definitely got croup. We headed straight back to the house, and pulled up just as Matt and the kids were buckling up! They jumped into my car, I ran in the house to get Mia a church outfit and to get myself some breakfast. (Eng. muffin, chz, veg. sausage)

After the service they were having an Easter Egg Hunt for the children. I REALLY did not want our kids to participate, but they knew about it and were so excited, so we let them stay for it. Bad idea to go with them to the fellowship hall... there were breakfast items in there. It had been 2 hours since I'd eaten and I was hungry! I grabbed a muffin that looked innocent enough. I broke it in half (it was a regular muffin, not a gigantic one that you get from a bakery) I ate a bite of the half and then gave it to Caity. But then went for another one, and took a bite out of that one -- but then tossed it. I did resist the coffee cakes and donuts. Soon after, the Egg Hunt began. My kids all got candy! UGH!!! :( Wils pretty much ate all of his already. Not sure what Maegan did with hers. Mia's is hidden and will be thrown away as soon as she forgets about it!

After church, picked up Mia's prescription and we came home. My sister brought over Pizza for lunch (we still have my nieces). I ate one piece of cheese pizza (no crust) and half of a breadstick (smallest one). I had more pasta salad for snack. The kids played outside while my sister and I worked on some organizing. I took out the garbage and recycling (Matt always does it, but I just felt like doing it myself, today).

My brother came to take the girls to visit their mom and three of my four were sleeping, Matt was sleeping and my sister and I were just chilling. I decided to turn on music (always fun with this crew, we all love to dance) -- the music got everyone to wake up, dancing ensued. But, then I decided I wanted my sister to time me on sit ups and push ups... 22 sit ups in 1 minute. 12 push ups in 1 minute. Then I asked her to time me on the plank. This was so much fun, because the kids became my biggest cheerleaders. While doing the situps, they were screaming, "You can do 1 more, YOU CAN! Come on, just one more! You still have time!" During the plank, I asked them to tell me when I hit 30 seconds. Once I hit 30 my nephew said, "YOU DID IT, you are at 30! FORTY, you made it to FORTY!" Then when I dropped, he said, "You dropped RIGHT AT 50!!!!!!" He was so impressed that then he and Wils wanted to be timed doing the plank (both for over 1 minute, but not great form, lol). My yoga mat has never seen so much action in such a short amount of time! Even Mia got in on it!

Around 7:30, I realized I had not eaten dinner! (the kids ate dinner earlier) -- I asked Matt what he was in the mood for and he said "Sushi" so I hopped over to Tokyo Sushi and picked up 3 rolls and 2 salads. We shared the food and now it is 10:30 and everyone is snoozing and the lights are all out. PEACE! Oh yes, I must confess... I had 2 Hershey Kisses again today!

Tomorrow should be a much more relaxed day, and I do plan to sneak in a grocery run at some point! I need fresh fruits, ASAP! :) I have to make my week plan tomorrow, and I hope to get in a jog at some point. Loving this beautiful weather! Hoping the pollen has turned a corner, as my throat is just about to kill me!

Hope you had a much less hectic, but equally as fun weekend!

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