Thursday, April 7, 2011

Miss me yet?

Sorry to go so long between posts!

Tuesday... great body back class. We did circuits. It was not easy, AT ALL, and we did about 5 grazillion jumping jacks. By Wednesday morning, my muscles were screaming at me! My calves are so sore that Wednesday night, I could not even flex my feet! I had to a face a fear during class. I have a fear of jumping UP on things. It is a fear of failure and a fear of falling, combined. I can hop up on something with one foot, but to use two feet to jump, I have VERY little trust in my ability to do it safely. Not sure if it is because of my weight, or what... but my heart races and I start sweating and then I have this gigantic mental block keeping me from being able to lift my feet at the same time. I wasn't even jumping up high, it was maybe 3 inches off the ground. I see the people in biggest loser jumping 18 inches, and I can't even jump 3! It wasn't pretty, and it took a VERY long time, but I DID face the fear and jump up onto the step. It is definitely an area where I need much work!

Tuesday's eating:
english muffin, cheese, sausage (veggie)
crackers and cheese (I think this is S4 or 5 for the book)
L1 from book 1
a few Sun Chips (NOT a full serving, and these were made w/ flax and quinoa and other grains)
Marathon Bread w/ PB (similar to one of the Snacks listed in the book1)
left over spaghetti (also similar to one of the dinners in book 2)

Wednesday was SUPER stressful. I shed lots of tears and had an all out screaming fest at one point. I nearly drove myself to Starbucks to get a Caramel Frapp -- I knew that wouldn't calm me down, but it sounded soothing at the time. I say nearly... because even though I was already out running errands, I managed to maintain my will power and NOT give in to the stress eating mentality! The day did not get much better and ended on a VERY sour note with the kids. Everyone (including me) was in tears at bedtime. My stress level was THROUGH the roof. When I think back on it, last night would have been a great night for a pedicure -- but that did not happen. My eating was GREAT on Wednesday, except for one point when making the kids dinner, I reached in and ate some whole wheat cheez-its -- I realized what I was doing and I pushed the box away without eating a whole serving. I stuck to the body back meal plan on Wednesday -- I don't have the book in front of me so I can't tell you the letters and numbers but here is what I ate!

Veggie Omelet
Crackers and Cheese
2 fresco chicken tacos (Taco Bell)
pb on marathon bread (equivalent of Einst. Bro's Power Bagel w/ PB)
Turkey Wrap (used Chicken, as I'm out of turkey)

Both days I was able to get in all of my water plus some. I kept reaching for the water while I was stressing yesterday. Here is hoping today is a better day. I worked it hard in class this morning. I have to register my boy for Kindergarten today! I just cannot believe it is time already! He's growing up so fast!

Today I am also going to look into getting a storage unit, and we will begin moving things out of our house, hopefully, this weekend! I am SO READY to get into a larger home, where we FIT and aren't stacked on top of each other! Where all of our bedrooms are on the same floor. That will at least help with SOME of the stress! Hoping for a nice healthy eating day. I think I may start with the french toast recipe in my book... not sure though. I'll make a plan in just a few!

I need to make tomorrow's plan today, so that I plan for the event that I am attending tomorrow night. I think I will be bypassing any alcohol, as I would really like to have a successful next two weeks in regards to weight loss! Hoping that tomorrow morning I can head out on a little run/walk around the neighborhood before the rain starts. I've also got to get organized for Saturday morning Soccer!!! Must say, I am REALLY looking forward to tomorrow night... a date with my husband at Party with a Purpose... I pray for some good music, so I can add dancing to my list of exercising this week. I can dance all night, and that keeps me away from food tables and keeps me drinking LOTS of water! I have not had a soda in nearly 2 months! Yahoo!!!!!!!

Have a GREAT day! I'll check in later w/ my food journal for the day! Much love! xo

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