Sunday, May 1, 2011

A brand new week!

Sunday has come and gone and a new week has begun. This past week was strange without having BodyBack classes... they had class this week, only Matt was out of town, so I could not go... and actually, on Tuesday (which was assessment day), I was battling the stomach bug! YUCK!

Now Matt is home again and life is getting back to normal. Tomorrow is Matt's birthday. We started celebrating last night and continued tonight. Tomorrow night, I will take treats to soccer practice and let the kids sing Happy Birthday to Coach Matt. We will relive that again on Thursday night with the 2nd team he coaches. Tuesday, I'm not sure how we will celebrate. We will let him choose. In our house, your birthday is actually celebrated for a week! I'm looking forward to it.

Now that I am finally back to eating normal again, I've restarted journaling (there were a couple of days I ate nothing, so I wrote nothing down)...

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Veggie omelet with pepper jack cheese and salsa

dried fruit and nuts

Black Bean Burger on multigrain english muffin w/ Spinach, tomato and ketchup (organic/all natural)

Dinner (skipped afternoon snack, because I knew we were going out to dinner and I would not have as much control over my meal)
Crab Cake sandwich w/ caesar side salad (no croutons) -- I ate the crab cake, sans bread
2 sips of Matt's watermelon mojito
3 pieces of Matt's popcorn (we were at Cinebistro)

drank 8 glasses of water +

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