Monday, June 13, 2011

Don't give up on me!

Sorry it has taken me SO long to post another blog. By the end of the day, I am exhausted. The ap I have for the iPad is very limited, so I dislike posting from there. That means, I have to wait until I have availability on Matt's laptop.

I've been doing pretty well with everything. This weekend was challenging, I needed to make a grocery run, but had very little time to get that accomplished. And we had parties and such to attend. Bad food choices were all around. The exciting thing is that I am able to attend parties now and just TASTE things, not over indulge. Yesterday's party included a big chocolate fountain with my FAVORITE cookies for dipping. I chose to forgo that indulgence, and instead, I shared a slice of cake with 2 of my daughters. I like sharing the cake, because then I only get a taste and don't feel guilty. I even had some cheese ball and crackers, but mostly I stuck to nuts and veggies. I made sure not to go over 1 serving of nuts. We also ate out yesterday, at a Chinese place. I have not had chinese food since beginning my journey. I was very unsure of what I should get. I ended up getting chicken and broccoli with steamed brown rice. I shared my lunch with my youngest, and we did not finish our rice, we only ate about 1/2 the serving. I did eat 100% of the broccoli though. YUM! I just tried to make the best choice of the choices offered. It really was a yummy lunch and I'm glad we indulged.

I went for a run last night. I only got in 1 mile. It was very humid and I feel that was working against me. My run was VERY slow and I was pretty upset about my time, however, I was out there and I was running and that matters more than anything.\

Yesterday was an ego boost day. While attending the party, one of the guests came up to me and asked me what I was doing and told me that I just looked great. That really made my day. Another thing that made my day (though, I'd never let him know) is that my big brother (think Shallow Hal) came up to me and said, "How much have you lost???" And he genuinely meant it. He is usually pretty cruel to me about my weight, so for him to take notice and even ask about it, was a huge boost. His wife also took notice yesterday and told me that I am looking great. She was surprised to hear that I am running. She said, "I hate running!" and I looked at her and said, "I hated it, too! But now I look forward to it!" It's all in your head about hating on exercise verses another... I'd still choose water aerobics over ANYTHING, but that's because I'm a water baby, I would live in a pool if I could! However, the run is MY time, no one asking me to do anything, no one telling me what to do. No one messing with my music. It's just my reflective time! I've never really taken time for "me" before, to just spend time in thought with myself... running provides that outlet and in a house of 6 people, I need some time for myself. So, while running will never be my favorite exercise, it is much looked forward to when I get to do it.

This is week 16 of Body Back for me! (actually I missed a week in there, so technically this is just my 15th week... lol) -- we do assessments and weigh in on Thursday. I'm not stressing my assessments this time, as I know they could possibly be a little bit lower due to my injury in my lower back throwing things off. I'm hoping to see a nice finishing weight for this 8 weeks. My next 8 week sessions begins at 6 am on Tuesday of next week, that session will take me to vacation week, so I should be in a good frame of mind for keeping up with my exercising and eating right while at the beach.

Have a wonderful week and I HOPE to update a little more often this week!

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