Saturday, June 4, 2011

Could Rest No More

I've been trying to rest my knee, but the weather turned GORGEOUS, and you know, when that happens... you just HAVE to get out there and enjoy it. 5:25 this morning I headed out on a jog around the neighborhood. The weather was absolute perfection! I love early mornings and late evening in my neighborhood. Such peaceful times for running. I ran into 1 person walking... I guess he wanted to enjoy the peacefulness of this beautiful morning as well.

We had assessments on Thursday in class. WOW! I have come a long way on my plank! I held it for over 1 minute! I only held it 40 some seconds during the last 8 weeks. I was very excited. I still need work on my side plank, but it DID improve! I did not improve on sit-ups, but no worries, I'll remedy that! :) I DID improve on squats, curls and push ups!!! Awesome!!! I didn't get to do the run because we were resting my knee after the hill sprints on Tuesday. Not sure I'd be any faster, because of the knee.

Suddenly, I'm struggling with my eating. I'm finding myself unable to eat enough calories! Thankfully, I go to the nutritionist on Tuesday and maybe I can get some good ideas to up the calories. I'm just not hungry in the evenings at dinner time. I am not choosing junk, though, so that is a plus! :) Well, I don't have junk in the house to choose! (Smart!) I'm also finding that I eat too much sodium... avidly working on that and seem to be improving each day! (GO ME!) I say that, but then today will be a higher sodium day for me... I will be having mexican for dinner (birthday party) and I'll probably have popcorn (no butter) at the movies (good thing with the popcorn though, is I drink a litre of water with it!). Days that I plan out, I seem to do better with and that makes sense!

Well this is on VERY busy Saturday, so I'd better get the kids up and dressed for soccer. I just realized I forgot to dry Maegan's socks last night! EEK!!! And I've got to run to Martin's to get snacks for both teams! Let the madness begin!

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