Sunday, June 26, 2011

Weekends and Workouts

I cannot believe Sunday night is here already! This weekend FLEW by! I went to my nephew's All Stars Baseball game on Friday night. They lost by 1 run, but he had a beautiful double play. I was very proud. He's six. :) Saturday morning, I laced up my trainers and met my best friend for a 1 hour walk in Cedarlea Park. It was a gorgeous morning for a walk. After our walk, we worked on me facing my fear. I was able to jump up on the curb with both feet several times... but it took QUITE a long time for me to get there. Melinda could actually SEE my mental block and how hard I was trying to overcome it. It felt great to actually JUMP with both feet up onto the curb. And I did not fall ONCE! :)

The rest of Saturday was spent with friends, playing in the yard, working on the house and spreading mulch. Saturday night was rough. Two of the 4 kids were running fevers over 103 and sobbing. Sunday morning, we made an impromptu trip to Pediatric Associates of Richmond, where Dr. Webber ran strep tests on the three littlest in the family. All were negative (of course)... that was good news, because it meant I could go on to help out at the Richmond Weddings Expo -- I LOVE helping out with this show. I love meeting with the vendors and seeing all the excited brides. In the past, I'd always stop by the catering tables on my way out. Today, I packed my own food, and visited Kalico Kitchen (my family's company) without feeling a need to sample the cake.

Tonight we spent the evening at my sister's house. It was party in the backyard and cookout night. I spent most of my time inside with the baby, due to the mosquitos being aggressive. We did not get home until nearly 11 p.m. but that's alright. I put the baby to bed, and Matt put the other three to bed. I suited up and went for a jog... 1 mile in light drizzle, awesome!

Now, I am going to go to bed and PRAY I can sleep until 8 a.m. However if I wake up earlier then I'm going grocery shopping. I'm out of veggies and fruits. I've become addicted to fresh apricots! Sleep well!

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