Monday, June 20, 2011

Father's Day Weekend Fun and some new trainers!

I don't do any structured classes on the weekend, so working out has to be at my own motivation and initiative. Right now I am in a zone of wanting to hit the 50 lb. mark! I WANT to say, I've lost 50 lbs! SO, even though I have no structured classes, I made sure I burned some calories this weekend and had fun doing it!

Saturday, we'd worked on the house most of the day and my sister and I shopped for Father's Day Gifts. I ended up buying some much needed new trainers, since I have completely worn out my last pair! When I got home, I told Matt that it was much too pretty outside, we needed to get out. We decided to head over to the Cedarlea Park neighborhood. We parked our car up at the pavilion and then walked 1/2 a mile to the playground area. Their playground is a lot of fun, though Caitlynn was not to excited about it, she was content to watch from her stroller while the rest of us acted like monkeys! My kids have never seen me play on the playground equipment. We climbed the ladders, went down the slides. I helped them on the seesaws. We even were on the swings. I haven't really been on a swing since college, other than to just sit on one and watch my kids play. At one point, Wils looked at me and said, "Mommy, you can swing REALLY high!" Then while the kids were on the swings, Matt and I climbed up on the equipment and Wils piped up once more and said, "It's like you are kids again!" It was a priceless evening.

While we were there we decided I should face one of my fears (I actually faced TWO of my fears, climbing ladders --success and then this one) ... I tried to jump with both feet from the ground up onto the edging around the playground. Maegan did it, Wils did it, Matt did it... I couldn't do it. I tried and I tried. I can't tell you how many times I tried. I just could not do it. So, at one point Matt says to me, "Can you do it for a $10,000 ring?" Um, I gave it my best shot, but I still failed. Looks like that is a fear I'm going to have to work hard to conquer. I wonder what he would have done if I had accomplished it... I'm pretty sure I would not have gotten a $10,000 ring.

Speaking of rings, we had talked earlier in the day about my jewelry. My rings are falling off now. None of my jewelry fits like it is supposed to fit. I call my hands "Man Hands" because I wear such big sizes in rings! I don't have prissy pretty girly hands, no bony fingers... just chubby fingers. I can remember Chris Morgan, in 5th grade, as we were sitting at the lunch table. He reached across the table and grabbed one of my hands and said to me, "Your hands are so cute. Your fingers are just so chubby." I did NOT take it as a compliment. I was so embarrassed. I was 10 years old and already in big trouble with my weight. My friends were all in the 60-80 lb. range, and I was well over 100 lbs. I'm so ready for pretty hands and my rings are desperate for resizing!

So, back to the subject at hand. Once we finished on the playground, we headed back up to our car. I logged in 1 mile, plus a lot of fun on the playground. Once home, we washed the kids and put them to bed. I decided I wanted to get out and walk 3 more miles, just to burn some extra calories. With a goal of 15 lbs this 8 weeks, I need to keep on top of the workouts. So, I grabbed my iPod and out the door we went. I walked 2.25 miles and then the song "Let's Get It Started" came on. The first line is "And the bass keeps runnin runnin and runnin runnin ..." and I just had to run at that point. So I ran the 3/4 of a mile back home. So I logged in a total of 4 miles of cardio walk/run -- over 1 hour, and at least an hour of playing on that playground.

My new trainers have been great. They do annoy my right heel just a bit, but I think it is because they are not broken in to my foot just yet. They are so light on my feet and I can feel the gel sole when I am running. I'm pleased with my choice. And they are PINK! :)

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