Saturday, June 18, 2011

My Weekend Was Made!

I dropped by Hayes, The Art of Photography yesterday afternoon, to pick up some portraits we had done (an oil of the family and then a collage). I hadn't seen Jamie since before Christmas. I got out of the car and approached the house when he bounded out of the back door to greet me. He stopped dead in his tracks and said, "You look AMAZING!" He went on to ask me what I was doing. I explained what I've been doing. Then I met him in the house and he continued to tell me that he was proud of me and my accomplishments. I said, "Well, now we need a NEW family portrait, but I want to wait until I've gotten closer to my goal." I said, I'm nervous to see the portrait, because it was before the weight loss. He pulled out the portrait laid it on the table and then said, "Mr. Jamie did a good job positioning you guys, so you can't really even tell!" I looked at the portrait, and sure enough... He'd placed me well and angled my face in a very flattering way. The portrait WILL make it on the wall! ;)

I tell you, Mr. Jamie made my weekend with his precious compliments! I am more determined than EVER to get this weight off of me! I bought new trainers today, since I destroyed mine in the past 16 weeks! Heading to the playground with my babies to break the new ones in!

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