Thursday, May 26, 2011

Body Back week 5 -- down!

I cannot believe my 13 week of body back is over... it's going so quickly! We started class without Rachel, but once she got there, she worked us to the core... no literally... we did 6.5 minute planks... THAT takes stamina. I had to take many rests, but I always popped back up.

Wall sits and resistance runs were also in the line up today! I LOVE resistance runs! OMG they make you feel like a powerhouse! something about holding someone back from running across the gym and then pulling someone across the gym just by running! Best part about it... I touched the wall before Rachel on the run! Angel beat the both of us, but it was SO awesome not finishing last in something today! :D It felt like an accomplishment!

Now I'm heading to bed so that I can make it to kickboxing in the early morning! I posted my food journal on our body back forum, so I am skipping it here tonight! I'll post weekend food journals by Sunday night!

G'night and God Bless! xo

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