Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Today was one of those crazy days!

I made it to Body Back this morning. SOOOOOOOOOOO glad to be back at it. As much as I THINK I don't like it while I'm working out, then I accomplish something, and realize I LOVE it! It is so unlike any exercising I've ever done before. Today, I was able to go lower with my pushups than ever before -- that was a HUGE accomplishment for me. Also, today, I actually did step ups onto a BENCH -- before, I've only been able to do curb step ups. I was really proud of myself for challenging and pushing myself to do it. It was NOT easy in the least! However, my left leg was more successful than my right, which was a surprise to me! I finished our short jog with a run to the finish ... as I'd saved some push for the end! Planks were a killer today. My shoulders and triceps are feeling it! The crunches today were amazing! My stomach is not flat by any means, however, I can feel the stomach flattening with each crunch... THAT feels great!

Upon arriving home, I called the doctor and made a follow up ear appointment with the pediatrician for my son. Then I had to run the oldest to school, then I had to run to the preschool to drop off breakfast for the teachers and let them know Wils wouldn't be there today. I got home and rested a moment ate breakfast, then showered and packed the car with the three youngest and headed off for Dr. Mapp. On the way there, Wils declared, "Mom, I have a double ear infection." -- I told him we should leave it to Dr. Mapp to diagnose.

This was my first time taking the 3 of them by myself. My husband almost always comes with us, or stays home with some of them. Things were going well. Dr. Mapp looked in Wils' ears and sure enough, Wils accurately self-diagnosed! Double E.I. and back on antibiotics. Then he listened to Wils' lungs... not clear -- wheezing like a champ. That means we are back on albuterol. He's still on Zyrtec and now we've had to add in Singulair. My poor boy. So, then I asked him if he thought I should make an appointment for Cait, because she sounded a little wheezy. He went ahead and listened right then... sure enough, she was wheezing. He wanted to get her registered and do a breathing treatment in the treatment room.

OK, If I thought my Body Back class was hard today, and that my arms were fatigued... well, that was a cake walk to what I was about to go through. Caitlynn is a tiny 17 lbs at nearly 14 months old. However, as little as she is, that baby is STRONG like an ox! (Even Dr. Mapp commented on how strong she is.) Imagine being given a greased piglet that you have to give a breathing treatment to... well that would be my experience with Cait. She FREAKED out! Snot was flying, she was screaming, we were both sweating and I have no clue if she breathed in ANY of the medicine. I nearly dropped her about 12 times. I was trying to hold her arms down so I could keep the mask on her face. She was having NONE of it and would wrestle those arms loose and start wildly grabbing for the mask. She even tried to BITE me! Wils and Mia were bored at this point and would not sit still! I was ever so thankful when he said we could go, but she'd have to have breathing treatments every 4-6 hours for the next 2 days (while awake) --- Oh boy!

SO, even with my wild day... I was not discouraged and I was not tempted to eat poorly (it really helps that I do NOT keep a lot of junk in the house!) The food journal breakdown goes like this:
English Muffin (multigrain always and only 100 cal)
Veggie Sausage patty
2% colby jack cheese

1/2 cup 1% cottage cheese
1 granola bar

SHRIMP (approx 4 oz)

Popcorn (1 serving)

Black beans and corn with salsa and hot sauce

I'll probably have 1/2 a cup of Blood Orange Sorbet later if hungry -- it's 60 calories!!! And all natural ingredients.

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