Sunday, May 8, 2011

Weekend Journaling

So, I did not do such a great job of journaling since Friday! That is all on me! It's been a wild couple of days. Friday morning, my oldest had oral surgery, my youngest three were and still are sick (ear infections/respiratory distress). I did not leave the house at all on Friday. Saturday was completely different, we left at 7:30 am and returned at noon and I left at 1 and did not get home until 9:30 p.m. -- exhausting. Saturday morning was soccer games. I was ill prepared! The morning rush was in such haste that I completely forgot to make my breakfast or pack snack for the soccer field. Luckily, the husband had cash on him and we were able to purchase bottles of water (I even forgot the kids' water bottles) and snacks. I opted for the nut/raisin mix (120 calories, but I shared it with the kids and my dad). When we returned home, I had to rush to get things ready to take to my cousin's house for the post funeral family gathering. Again, I was ill prepared. I called my sis and asked her to grab a bag of carrots at the store. I had hummus, so I knew I could take that and there would be SOMETHING I could eat up there!

I was in a full on headache when I got home, so I chugged some water and went straight on to bed.

Friday's Journal
english muffin, veggie sausage, lite cheese
Cottage Cheese
Black Bean burger, 1/2 a 110 calorie wrap, spinach, onion, pepper and tomato
1/2 serving of whole wheat cheezits
Carrots and Hummus
wilted spinach with sauteed mushrooms and garlic, feta and parm cheeses
1/2 cup Blood Orange Sorbet

all of my water

1/2 bag of raisins & nuts
eng. muffin, v. sausage, lite cheese
1/2 serving cottage cheese
dried fruit
green beans and potato
carrots and hummus
beer bread w/ dipping oil/balsamic vinegar
fresh pineapple
veggie/barley soup

I can't even tell you how many bottles of water I drank, but it was a lot.

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