Sunday, May 22, 2011

What a weekend!!!

OK, So Friday Food Journal --
English Muffin/v. sausage
turkey wrap w/ spinach, peppers, onions
Movie Popcorn (a small, shared with a friend, no butter)
550 cal. Island Grilled Shrimp dinner at AppleBees
(need to look up my snacks, I have them written down elsewhere)

Saturday Food Journal--
English Muffin/v. sausage/low fat colby jack slice
5 shrimp (left over from Friday dinner)
Turkey wrap w/ spinach, peppers, onions
granola bar
2 slices Cheese pizza
spinach, onions, peppers, feta cheese & balsamic vinaigrette

Sunday Food Journal--
English Muffin/ v. sausage/low fat colby jack slice
Kashi dark chocolate mocha almond granola bar
grilled chicken sandwich w/ lettuce and tomato (whole wheat bun)

Hasn't been my best eating ever this weekend... but the weekend was awesome. Friday night, I took my precious friend out to the movies for her birthday. Saturday started off with grocery shopping and then soccer for the kids. Following that, our friends came over and we worked on decluttering and took several boxes and bags to Goodwill!

This morning was amazing! I got up at 5:30 am and headed to Stafford VA to meet up with one of my CHF board members. We drove up to American University. Of course we got lost, but it was the best tour of DC I've ever had! Oh my gracious!!! The embassies were fascinating! We finally made it to American University, where we set up for and then participated in the Congenital Heart Walk DC Metro. We had a HUGE turnout. We met some amazing people. And most of all we just had fun raising money for such an important cause (the NUMBER 1 birth defect in the world!) Following the walk, we headed home. Then my kids had their end of the year choir performances at church. Once we got home from that, we put the kids to bed and I decided it was much to beautiful a night to stay in, so I chose to go for a run. The night was so gorgeous that I did not stop with my 1 mile, but rather continued and completed TWO miles! This was a first for me!

Earlier in the day, a family member (that I love) posted some pictures of me from two weeks ago that absolutely deflated me when I saw them. I thought "I'm working SO hard, and yet I still look so sloppy and fat. It's just gross and depressing." I told Matt my feelings and he looked at me and said, "Are you going to let some PICTURE determine how you feel, or are you going to rely on the way your clothes are fitting?" -- he had a good point. SO, then I turn on the computer, and my friend posted a picture from the Heart Walk this morning... and I could see all the hard work I've been putting in and the pay off. I was also able to try on and zip up several size 18's tonight. Then topping it off with a 2 mile run (no stops)... I feel MUCH better. I just needed a boost after those pictures. Now I'm ready to go to sleep and tackle the new week. I know I should have had more to eat today, but I did not plan well for the business of my day!

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