Saturday, May 28, 2011

Holiday weekend, where's my holiday?

This holiday weekend is not feeling so "happy" -- our house is in desperate need of going on the market, yet there are projects upon projects that still need doing. It is so very frustrating! I'm to a point that I just want to throw all of the kids toys away! There is just too much junk in this house.

The yard is mowed, the house is painted, the new roof is in place... but inside it feels like it will never be ready. This is my highest source of stress at the moment. That and the fact that we have got to pack up EVERYTHING that is not essential in everyday living and get it into a storage unit. Last week I worked on Winter clothes/coats/accessories. Now, I'm trying to clean out all clothes that no longer fit anyone in the family and won't fit anyone in the future. Truly, we have more clothes than one family should be allowed. AND, I'm the guilty party. I love buying clothes for my kids! My sister keeps my son dressed with my nephew's hand me downs, but I still buy him extra polos and shorts for school. My girls pass down dresses from Oldest to youngest... I try to weed out the play clothes, but it seems we still have more than our fair share! And the mountain of laundry in my laundry room proves it. I think for summer, the girls will have to have about 4 essential outfits that I will just rotate out -- everything else needs to just GO! Except dresses... they have to have dresses. And shoes, I have shoes coming out of my ears!!! Where do they all come from? It's like they multiply, but their partners go off with a partner from another pair, never to be found again... There are just so many shoes, and no one seems to have a match! We are a flip flop family. We love our flops. We each have at least two pair flip flops. Then the kids have sandals, tennis shoes, dress shoes... it doesn't end! I've got to develop a system, my current system (a shoe basket for each person) is not working.

I have hit the gold fish today... granted I've not had a whole serving, but I've had a 1/2 a serving... and that is a waste, because I could have spent the calories on something much more fulfilling! Stress eating is annoying. I do have a salad prepared and ready, so if I feel stressed and MUST eat something, I have a good choice ready to roll, no more relying on little goldfish that don't satisfy or fill me up!

Well, the laundry is still beckoning! One load washed, dried and folded, one in the dryer and one in the wash ready to roll to the dryer. Still a mountain left to tackle! Will I see the end of it by Monday??? I certainly hope so. I'm so tired of looking at it! Hopefully storage unit will be ready tomorrow... and we can start hauling things out of this house! I'm so ready. And my house that I want, just stands there waiting for our offer... it won't stay on the market forever! It's time we made our move. Our family needs this... a house made for a family of six, rather than our house made for a family of 4. I'm so ready for my "long term" home!

Hopefully, at some point, I'll get out for a walk and clear my head a bit!

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