Monday, May 30, 2011

Three Miles and now a swim

No, I did not RUN three miles, but went on a three mile walk with my neighbor last night. I truly could have walked more-- we were clipping right along and I was working up a good sweat, but we knew if we went for a 4th mile the husbands would begin to get nervous as to our whereabouts, so we cut it short. It was great and we kept our pace nice and quick. Today will be a pool day. I can hardly wait! My kids are in desperate need of some OUTDOOR exercise time! I'm just praying my bathing suit stays up... I don't have a bathing suit in my current size!!! I may have to stop at Target and get a new (cheap) suit.

I got all of my hair cut off last Thursday. I LOVE the cut, it absolutely accentuates all of the newly discovered angles in my face. So fun! I had her really blonde it up for me as well... it's my summer look and I LOVE IT! I feel so sassy! Hoping for a pedicure next week.

I must say, I am really loving KickBoxing! I don't know that I am great at it, but I love the way I feel after class. I love the fact that there is nary a dry spot on me after that class! Soaked from head to toe, eyes burning from the sweat! I wish I was able to take it twice a week, in addition to Body Back -- it truly is invigorating! And something I really needed to add to my life. I love coming home and teaching Matt what I learned.

Speaking of Matt... WOW, what an amazing support he has been and continues to be. He told me yesterday how proud he is of me and the work I am doing. He's an amazing husband and father. I am so blessed to have him. He works hard so that I can stay home with our precious children and he let's me use his hard earned money for making myself healthier. He is so UNselfish. AND, he doesn't complain that I've changed up the food we eat in our home. He's perfectly content with what I make, even though he is not a big fan of veggies. He is such an encouragement to me. I love that I am able to feed him good healthy foods and he doesn't push back against me. If he wants to eat junk, he knows not to bring it in the house to tempt me. If I don't feel like working out one night, he doesn't nag me to get up and do it, rather he supports me by cheering me on when I DO get up and workout (which works best for me... you cheer me on, I'm more apt to do something, you nag me and I quit or give up). He bought me an ipod nano for Easter/Mother's Day -- and loaded it with songs for me to work out to. He got me set up with Nike Active, he put a pedometer fitness app on my nano. He is 100% behind my efforts in the most loving way. I wish everyone could have a spouse like this! As with anyone he has his faults, but his love for me and his encouragement on this journey are just overwhelming and make me feel so very empowered. Thanks, Chewie, for loving me the way you do, supporting me the way you do and for being the best spouse I could have ever been paired with... You are amazing and I adore you!

This journey has been so fun. You know I was scared to death to start. Scared of failure. Scared of looking foolish. Scared of falling (wait, I'm still scared of falling). I knew that this journey was not just a health journey, but a step of FAITH to trust in the body that the Lord gave me. If I'm thanking anyone for this journey, first and foremost, my thanks has to go to GOD for creating a body and putting me in it and giving me legs and arms that work, a heart that pumps correctly. God is my sustainer on this journey. He is what ultimately keeps me going, because I know my body belongs to HIM and was a gift from Him. I need to keep it in good condition as it is His temple! I am happy to work out knowing that I'm doing it for the glory of God. And my "mantra" is Philippians 4:13 -- "I can do everything through him who gives me strength." -- This is what I repeat to myself when things get hard. I lean on my strength from Him! I know that God had a purpose in sending me on this journey and I TRUST he will not let me give up or fail at this. I am so thankful to have Him to lean on during all of this!

I'd be wrong to end this post right here... because there is another BIG THANK YOU I need to make and that is to Angel Allgrim! As soon as Angel knew I had won the first session of Body Back, she immediately became my accountability partner. She challenged me and I accepted and met her challenge head on. She started her journey 13 pounds lighter than where I started my journey, so she KNEW the obstacles that I would face. She knew the emotions that would try to hold me back. She was never going to let me turn tail and run and give up! She has been an enormous support in this journey. If it weren't for her, I don't know that I'd even be ON this journey. She is an inspiration to me every single day! She is one of the strongest people I have ever met. Really, you should see her do a resistance run... I tried explaining it to Matt this way, "Picture in your head a cartoon... you have two evenly matched people lined up ready to do a run across the gym -- Angel takes off, and the poor soul trying to provide resistance, digs their heels down into the carpet to hold her back... and then wooooooshhhhhhhh the carpet all scrunches up as this person is dragged across the room at full speed, smoke coming from their heels." If I could draw it I would! You've never seen power like an Angel resistance run! She is inspiring. She doesn't give up or give in. She has lost 50 lbs on her journey, and I'm tagging along right behind her, learning everything I can and trying hard to keep up! Everyone should have an accountability partner like Angel. She is an amazing encouragement. Her desire to see me succeed is so awesome! There is no competition between us, we both just want to be the healthiest moms and wives we can be for our families! And we want to see each other succeed so that we can maybe inspire others to want to do this for themselves and their families. Thanks, Angel, for being an amazing friend, encouragement and accountability partner. I could not be where I am today if it was not for you. I'm SO VERY BLESSED that God put you in my life! Love you, girl!!! YOU ROCK!!!

OK, now I'm going to go SWIMMING for the rest of the day. Enjoy your Memorial Day! Oh and I have been journaling, so please don't fret!!! :) I have a goal to get to, and I know how to get there, so don't worry, I am TOTALLY sticking to the plan! WOOHOOO!!!! 258, here I come! (by the way, that will be 30 lbs down since March 1!!!) :D

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