Wednesday, May 4, 2011


So, today is Wednesday, and it is the day before Cinco De Mayo! I had my meals all planned out and executed when I showed up at church tonight and my oldest daughter said, "Mom, come with me, we have a Mother's Day Tea!" -- I had NOT planned for that at all, but I had not reached my 1400 calories for the day, even with my planned out meals (I had about 100 cal. left). Maegan offered to fix my plate, and she listened to my request and only put peanuts and 2 mints on my plate. I only ate about 8 of the peanuts and both of the mints and had a cup of tea. So, I may have slightly gone over 1400 calories. The tea was very sweet and I had a wonderful time with my sweet girl.

Here is how the rest of my day went:
Eng. muffin, Veggie Sausage, 2% colby jack
Dried fruit/nut mix
Turkey Wrap with spinach, onions and orange peppers
8 whole grain cheez-it crackers
Cottage Cheese and granola bar
Grilled Chicken w/ salad

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