Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!

What a great day! My children sang in church this morning. We followed that up by coming home and changing. Then we went out to watch my nephew play football. Following that, we took my mom out to late lunch at Plaza Azteca. (my brother and sister came along, which was great. Mom had all but my nephew there celebrating with her.) Once we finished there, we drove back to mom's house to wait for my nephew to be dropped off by his dad. (Yes, his father is THAT much of a jerk that for the 2nd year in a row he violated his visitation rights and kept my nephew on mother's day.) Once he arrived, we played frisbee in the front yard and laughed and laughed. I think my mom was happy to have all of her children and grandchild with her (even if only for a few moments) on Mother's Day. Now the kids are headed to bed. I am going to put on my workout clothes, and head out for a quick jog! I'm a little full from, late lunch, so this may be more of a slog than anything! ;)

Food from today:
Eng. muffin, v. sausage, cheese
cottage cheese, dried fruit/nuts
2 tablespoons Guacamole (fresh)
2 tablespoons Mexican Rice
Aztecal. Salad (shrimp and chicken over lettuce, cabbage, carrots, tomatoes, green peppers, onions... and I added salsa rather than using salad dressing)

In our visit to Plaza Azteca 4 bowls of chips were brought to our table. I had ZERO. :D Following our meal, they brought out complimentary sopapillas... again, I had none! :) And I did not feel one bit deprived!
It was a gorgeous day and I couldn't have asked for a more perfect Mother's Day!

*** UPDATE *** I RAN the ENTIRE MILE tonight! Not stopping, no walking... I ran my very first FULL MILE! WOW! I feel extremely strong! :D

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