Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A cooler morning

It may have been a cooler morning out there today, but the humidity was still high. Thus, our morning workout induced even more sweat than usual. (I'm not complaining, because I hope it means MORE weight loss for me.) At one point, sweat rolled UP my nose!!! Hahahaha, I looked at Angel and told her I just might drown from the sweat.

Today we did surfer girls... WOW, that is NOT an easy exercise, but it is REALLY fun! I wish I could remember how to do them, but my brain literally warped today and I think I lost quite a few brain cells! I just remember being in a plank, popping up onto my feet then doing a squat hop facing to the left and then a 180 squat hop to the right, then popping back down and then out into a plank. Absolutely made you think you could surf! ;) There were many other exercises and we have homework to finish what we started in class. I am hoping the kids will work out with me!

The Wii was kind to me this morning and showed a significant weight loss... praying it wasn't a fluke and that I am on my way to making my goal by week 8! Seriously ready to say "I've lost 50 lbs." and celebrate that loss! HELP ME MAKE MY GOAL, keep me focused and excited!!! :)

Tomorrow I will run in the morning. It's going to be hot, but the results will be so worth it!

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