Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Week 4, the Journey continues

Today was an awesome day at Body Back. Our classes was "Curves on Crack" -- or you could call it extreme circuits! Because so many ladies signed up for our 6 am T-Th class, we've had to break into 2 groups. Tuesdays, my group is outside, Thursdays the other group is outside. Well, if you are anywhere near VA right now, you know we are having some mighty warm temperatures. Some may even call it "extreme heat" -- It really isn't as horrible as they make it out to be. The humidity is what zaps you, the heat, eh, not a big deal!

So, we took our water bottles and met on the sidewalk in front of Mom's Treehouse. Rachel was our "guest" instructor for the day. She explained that today was not going to be an easy day. She loves us, really she does! However, she also wants to see us work towards great results. She wants to see us prove our strength to ... OURSELVES!

She started off our session with a warm up and a lecture on the importance of nutrition. Our class got to brag that we are all actively writing in our food journals... GO US! Then she unleashed the hounds! 2 minute circuits, cadrio/core circuits. I must say, as difficult as this class proved to be... it was awesome! Angel and I looked as though we worked out in a rain cloud, we were pouring sweat off of everywhere, butt cheeks, calves, arms, you name it, there was sweat! My clothes were so soaked when I got home, they actually THUNKED when they hit the floor! (I'm not even exaggerating!)

As class was winding down, my last circuit was a wall sit... after having just done line touches, I was welcoming this little sit on the wall. Only Rachel got a little devil in her and said, "LISA, LEG UP!" UHHHHHH do what????? Put a leg up in the air and do a wall sit with only ONE leg on the ground??? I'm spent... OK, no, I CAN I WILL do this! Ta da... up went the leg, the other leg was shaking, but who cares, I was doing it! Then she shouted, "LISA, SWITCH!" I was so done at that point, but I knew there were only 15 seconds left, I could do this. Those last 15 seconds were not easy, but I did it!!! And those last 15 seconds are the ones that count!

During that class I drank over 33 oz. of water! I probably sweat out about the same. Tomorrow is supposed to be hot as well. We are running in the morning, only we are starting half an hour earlier than we did today! Hopefully that will make all the difference.

I decided to go ahead and weigh today. I weighed in at 246.0 -- if you are keeping track, that's 42 lbs down! Which means, I only have 8 to go until I get to 50 down! I have 4.5 weeks left to do that in! I CAN I WILL -- and HE gives me the strength to do it!

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