Thursday, July 21, 2011

A little friendly competition!

This morning was a fun class. We had a little friendly competition with the other 6 am class. It was a twist on the 100s class. We had to race the other team to get through 10 exercises with 100 reps each! The "losers" had to do 100 reps more of an exercise of the other team's choosing. Our team lost (but we fought hard) -- both teams ended up doing the last 100 reps together. Then we did some awesome stretching. I am still so sore from Tuesday's class and today was just as difficult and sweat producing. It was a challenging class and I KNOW I'll be feeling it tomorrow! I'm already feeling it in the right side of my chest.

I'll be journaling my food on the Facebook Group page for our class. I'm glad for this accountability. I need it! I write down my food every single day, so that I can see where I am making poor decisions and work on changing that, but it is nice to have other read it as well! I stopped journaling here, because #1 I thought it might be boring for those following and #2 because I journal every day on My Fitness Pal, I felt it redundant.

Five pounds to get to my 50 goal -- only 3 weeks left of class! I need a boost so I can see these pounds fall away! I may have to stick to the Body Back Recpies/Meal ideas for the next 3 weeks, to make sure I maximize my efforts! I want to go into vacation feeling motivated and excited!!!

Keep me moving in the right direction!

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