Saturday, July 30, 2011

Saturday is not a rest day any longer!

Today, I got up at 5 and drove up to LadySmith Village. I met up with my girl friend, Sarah, and we went for a morning run. It was nasty humid, but not too hot, yet. We got in a good 2.75 + miles. LadySmith Village is a hilly place, and we left the neighborhood and ran up to the Elementary School... which is off of a GRAVEL road! The majority of our run was on this hilly gravel road. WOW! BUT, we did it and we had an awesome time! We are both interested in running the Disney Halloween 5K -- it's during the Disney Wine & Dine Race Weekend. It sounds incredibly fun. We would be running through Animal Kingdom... Awesomeness!

While running, sweat just kept dripping into my eyes, and while stretching it was even worse! Sarah showed me her headband that she was wearing. It's called a "SweatyBand" -- it is the cutest sweat band I've ever seen! She gave me the bag that it came in (that had the logo and the url) and I immediately came home to check them out! They have a style for every woman! They have skinny ones and fat ones! (I prefer fat ones). I will so be ordering some of these little lovelies! You should read the testimonials. People love them! I love cute workout gear, this is totally added to my list of LIKES!!! I linked them on the side of my blog, so go check them out! and tell them I sent ya! ;)

Have an amazing weekend!

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