Friday, July 15, 2011

Friday, Friday, Friday!!!!!!

You all made it to FRIDAY with me! Friday is my favorite day of the week, because it is KICKBOXING day! I bought my own gloves today! :) Very exciting! Only a few more weeks until I get to break another board! I just love being able to take out all of the stress from the week, on a target, kicking and punching! Nothing better than picturing some one unsavory standing in front of me (aka the target) and then letting loose! MAN, I love it.

Definitely sore today from yesterday, both the graceful face plant I took as well as the dips (leg and tricep) -- my gracious, Alex made us hurt, but didn't let us feel it during class, we just had fun. (Even with a mouthful of dirt and playing a game I don't necessarily enjoy, I STILL had fun.

Today, I was a glutton for punishment! I decided that since Jazzercise is FREE on Friday nights in July, I'd just pop up there for a class! And I did! :) And Laura met me up there (thanks, Laura!) We had a ball shaking our groove thang! I'm not super coordinated, so for me I spent a lot of time laughing at myself... but I worked up a big time sweat. My friend from high school, Katherine Dolan is the instructor, and she was on fire tonight!

After my Jazzercise class, I decided, I MUST have my sushi (I'd already planned it in my food diary for today, so I was hankering) -- I went to Tokyo Sushi and ordered a few rolls to share with my husband and sister. Oh heavens, it's just too yummy! The good thing is, I know when to say when, and I don't add the soy or the wasabi (even though I love both).

This week was an emotionally difficult week for me. A sweet child with CHD passed away at UVA this week while waiting for his heart transplant. I met his mother through facebook, and she is precious! She's a very young, single mom of 4, and now she's having to bury her oldest son. I cannot imagine what she is facing, and it has torn me up. I'd do anything to erase her pain. Congenital Heart Defects are not "just a hole in the heart" it is so much more and can be fatal. His little heart just could not push any longer, he needed a break. Tonight we are lighting our porch lights in memory of sweet Kayden James Barnes. Kayden was about 5 months shy of his 4th birthday. He and my Mia were basically the same age. I can't imagine NOT having Mia in my life. I cannot imagine what Misty is going through without her little Kayden. Kayden's brothers are too young to understand, but his older sister, Alexis, IS old enough to understand and she is missing her baby brother. Please keep the family in your thoughts and prayers.

I hope everyone hugs their loved ones a little tighter tonight, and enjoys a wonderful and peaceful weekend.

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