Saturday, March 5, 2011


WOW! What a workout. I loved it, because I LOVE to dance... and this way I can dance in my living room and my kids want to do it WITH me! Even the baby was shaking her shoulders! What was I doing??? Latin Fusion Workout... HOLY SMOKES, that smoked me! 40 minutes of straight dancing, my hips may need replacing much sooner in life... but it's all good because it was FUN! And I could get as jiggy as I wanted... and no one but family could see the jiggle in my jiggy! wOOtwOOt! Aye!!! Now I feel like I need a trip to Mexico! I highly HIGHLY encourage anyone who loves to dance, to try Latin Fusion, Zumba, whatever... just do it! Had no idea what I was missing out on!

I literally sat down to type this as soon as I finished, because I was so excited. I'm sweating like a little piggy. I think I may put the baby into the stroller and head out for a walk for 20 more minutes of cardio. The family is at Shoney's breakfast buffet now... and I chose not to join them. Just not ready for that yet. I had a delicious breakfast here and I have two parties to contend with this weekend, so I don't want to push myself too much!

Tonight I have a mardi gras party to go to. There will be King Cake from NOLA -- I actually think I can pass it up. I've had king cake before, even one from NOLA, so I think it is something I can say no to. In fact, I'm not worried about tonight's party at all. I'm much more concerned about my Tastefully Simple party tomorrow. My sister and I have to make all of the food tonight. I'm trying to make better choices, ie: fixing the dips with yogurt (greek style, plain) and serving veggies as dippers. The beer bread is difficult for me as are the cheese dips. I just need to keep BUSY so I won't feel the need to be snacking. And I will eat my regular meals, so I won't feel hungry. I will also have a hospital cup of water near me the entire time. I'm sure I can do this... I just have to plan well and remind myself that cheating only cheats me! No one else gets those calories! And I must make sure to workout at some point tomorrow.

Carry on with your beautiful Saturday, and I will post my food journal for the day, tonight after the party! Happy Weekend!!! DO something FUN!

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  1. WOOHOO! Finding something you love to do is the bEST way to get your workout in! Keep it up and maybe you can show us a few moves at Body Back :)