Tuesday, March 22, 2011


So I planned out my meals for today, but then totally disregarded the fact that I have leftovers that HAVE to be eaten today or to the garbage they will go!

So the revamped plan is:
poached egg (with spinach and 1/2 eng. muffin)

sushi veggie roll

leftover grilled chicken buffalito

string cheese and a serving of tricuits

Whole wheat spaghetti
ground turkey
peppers/onions/mushrooms/spinach mixed into spaghetti sauce
sprinkle of parmesan cheese
side salad

I did NOT sleep well last night at all. Two of the kids came into the bed with us at some point during the night, which only provided for LESS sleep! I kept waking up thinking I'd forgotten to set my alarm. When I finally did hear the alarm go off, I was exhausted. I hopped up out of bed and got ready for class, even took time to wrap my leg before heading out.

Thank GOODNESS for Kay driving today. I do not know that I could have stayed awake to drive this morning... it was that bad.

We went over our goals today. I realized I have met one of my goals and can check it off... I have more energy. Actually, I met another goal as well, but it is an on going goal -- lose SOME weight! I did that (5 lbs, thus far).

Then we worked out. Now I ran/walked yesterday, so my thighs and shins were in a bit of a tizzy this morning and were a bit on the shaky side! However, I feel I did much better today than I was able to do last week. I could do jumping jacks w/o my leg hurting, and I could do reverse lunges w/o my leg hurting... and I even did frog hops down the gym... it took forever, and I was the last one (as usual) -- but the fact is, I did it!

The planks kicked my buns! My shoulders are aching. FIVE MINUTES of planks! Several times during these five minutes I was praying for strength, several times I had to lay down. I was sweating profusely, the sweat was stinging my eyes. At one point I thought I was going to cry because I was getting so frustrated with myself... but through it all, I never gave up, I kept pushing. I even was able to maintain a plank for a short amount of time, on my toes, rocking back and forth like everyone else... maybe not with the same gusto and grace... but I was DOING IT! I was never so happy as when I heard the words "child's pose" YES PLEASE! And then cat and camel stretches. OH THANK YOU for stretches!!! It makes me miss my days of pilates! I must get back to that.

I made an appointment with the nutritionist. I am looking forward to knowing how much I should be eating each day for both weight loss and nursing. I want to optimize my weight loss w/o compromising my nursing... though Cait only nurses a small amount each day.

I'm thinking that every muscle in my body is going to be a bit on the sore side today (or a lot) -- my tricepts are REALLY buggin! My abs are a little disheveled from the 150 crunches -- Yowsa!

I may not have the most beautiful body in class, I may not have the most stamina, I may not have the most grace, I may not have the best form... but I DO have the biggest smile while I workout and I DO have a positive attitude and the willingness to want to keep up with everyone else. The smile is what gets me through. When I want to quit, I put a smile on my face. The smile helps me push through. I don't know if it is a mental thing, but as long as I am smiling, I am able to keep moving.

Keep Smiling! :D

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