Saturday, March 5, 2011

Jumpin Jack Flash

Guess who just did jumping jacks?!? Me! And other than the girls escaping their holster, it was a success, and I did many in a row (albeit with my arms firmly folded against the revolting masses attempting escape)!!! Thank God! I was really upset about not being able to do one the other day, I had to redeem myself! My husband was here to witness the event! I can do jumping jacks, I can, I can! I think I may do more, just because I can... Can we say BREAKTHRU Moment!?!? Oh thank you legs for working! I never want to not be able to do them again!

This has been a wonderful Saturday! Little successes build confidence in big ways!


  1. Moving comfort has some AWESOME bras! I swear by mine! They're like $40, but the girls are safe and still! :)
    Way to go on the jumping jacks!! :)
    SOOOO proud of you!

  2. I also recommend the Enell. I call it the bullet-proof ain't pretty but it holds 'em in. You will really want a supportive bra so you can enjoy those jumping jacks!!