Thursday, March 3, 2011

March 2 -- Food Entry

I was so sore on Day 2 that I really just did not even exercise, I could scarcely walk up and down the stairs holding Caitylady! BUT, I did make sure to eat well all day. I got in all 8 glasses of water!

High Fiber Multigrain Eng. Muffin
Poached Egg
1/2 a slice of cheese

Honey roasted Sunflower seeds

Chick fil A Chargrilled Chicken Sandwich (with lettuce and tomato)
Side Salad with 1/2 the pack of croutons and 1/2 pouch of FF Honey Mustard dressing

No afternoon snack (too full)

Mushrooms, asparagus, spinach, chicken and cheese quesadilla (F I L L I N G, nearly 2 cups of veggies in the quesadilla)

After dinner snack:
Emerald Nuts cocoa roasted almonds

All in all, this is a menu I could eat every single day, it was DELICIOUS and filling, I was not hungry at ALL throughout the day (which is the point, keep blood sugar at a constant level so there are no crashes and the metabolism continues to burn)


  1. Keep that system happy! Where can I find some honey roasted sunflower seeds!?

  2. order side salad at chickfila tuckernuck and they put them in your bag!