Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Learning A Lot

Today was a day that I was nervous about. I knew we could weigh if we wanted to weigh. I was nervous about this, because I'd eaten a few things that aren't necessarily the best choices, and was worried I'd sabotaged myself. When I stepped up on the scale, I was a little concerned that I would see no change. I didn't "feel" any lighter this week. I knew I'd eaten BW3 food twice, and lots of sushi (which, I am not apologetic over sushi, I love that stuff, and I don't use soy sauce so I keep the sodium to a minimum). I even had 1/2 a mini sub from Jersey Mike's (Totally thought it was the regular, but when Matt got home later he told me it was just the mini... I could have eaten the whole thing, but I didn't!). Color me completely shocked when I looked down at the scale and it said 278.5 -- WHAT!?! HELLO? EXCUSE ME!?! Are my eyes deceiving me???!!! Nope, I looked again, 278.5 -- That was 4.5 lbs less than 2 weeks ago! THAT was 9.5 lbs down from Week 1 weigh in! And not only that... I did SPIDERMAN PUSH UPS TODAY! They aren't pretty, but I DID THEM! And a HUGE Thanks to Kim for sticking with me and pushing me through! Today was a huge success for me!

One thing I've learned is, everything is OK in moderation... I've always heard that, but never really known how to do that... usually I over indulge, feel horrible for screwing up, and then over do again out of frustration. Now I know how to do it w/o sabotaging everything. IF I want something that isn't necessarily the best choice, I either make a better choice, OR have the "something" and then instead of punishing myself for doing it, I reward myself for not over doing it, by doing something active. IE: I KNOW I want Duck Donuts at the beach this summer. I also know, it isn't too far to jog to DD, so I'll jog up there, eat my donut and then jog back. I get what I want, and feel ZERO guilt! Win/Win! Learning these coping mechanisms is what is helps me live life. I'm not depriving myself of anything, only adding in fun activities that enhance my life. Jogging may not be my favorite thing to do, but it makes me feel STRONG, and thus, it is a reward to jog, not a punishment. I love the after feeling of success.

This week I went for a run on my own on Sunday night. I had pent up energy after the VCU game. I also knew I'd eaten 5 wheat thins and had some pimento cheese ... two things that weren't the best choice for me. So, I rewarded myself with a little jog around the neighborhood. It was a 1 mile course. And ME, yes ME, I ran 3/4 of that 1 mile! That is a HUGE accomplishment for me.

I'm learning that it is actually rewarding and a little fun to push yourself past where you think your limit is. By pushing just a little further, I feel so much more successful. I feel accomplished. That does not mean that I feel fabulous after I finish... no, I often feel sick to my stomach, shaky and sore -- but that's just the physical... The MENTAL feelings are much more powerful and worth the physical effects.

This week marks the beginning of our 5th week. I don't want to lose my momentum. Your words of encouragement are MUCH appreciated to help get me through to week 8! I really appreciate you all following my journey and cheering with me on my successes. It means so much!

NOW, Monday's food journal that did not get published last night

Eng. Muffin, Veg. Sausage, Colby Chs


1/2 mini sub from Jersey Mike's

leftover buffalito w/ jerk sauce

shredded rotisserie chicken (caribbean lime flavor) over 2.5 cups of salad w/ balsamic vinaigrette
1 slice of marathon bread w/ just a smear of peanut butter (not even 1 tbsp) <-- this was dessert, and was delicious!

All of my water!

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