Saturday, March 12, 2011

Wedding Food Can Fit into the new Lifestyle!

Hello friends, supporters, encouragers, et. al! I hope you are all having a lovely weekend! This morning sure started out chilly, but then turned into a gorgeous afternoon. I missed the majority of the gorgeous weather, because I was at the wedding of a childhood friend. My father had RSVP'd to the wedding, only to find out that he was called into work for the weekend. So my mom was going it solo. I called her last night and asked if she minded if I tagged along, that I really wanted to see this friend get married. My brother was in the wedding. Luckily, my mom had been thinking the same thing and was going to ask me to be her date! So, we went and had a wonderful time with old friends. Seeing one old friend even made me cry, he was my best bud in High School and since we graduated we've hardly seen each other. This guy and I were attached at the hip, best friends, almost like brother and sister. He was my brother's best friend along with the groom at the wedding. Anyway, I had no idea he'd be there today and was thrilled to see him! We had some great laughs over the old days and the silliness that we got into with "the crew" (that's what we called our little group of friends). Fantastic way to spend an afternoon!

This morning when I got up, I decided that since my leg was still having issues, I'd work on something that didn't involve my leg. I decided to try something that since day 1 of Body Back, I've not been able to do... not even 1 little one... I decided I would try doing a full sit up. I tried what Rachel said this past week... Starting from a seated position, go down, then back up -- Hold the bus! I did one! I was so shocked I tried again -- I did TWO! in fact, I did six in a row. WHAT?!? Are you kidding me? I took a rest at that point as the abs were talking back. But then I went back to it, and I did six more! They weren't pretty, but I'll take 'em!!! I was and am extremely proud of that accomplishment. It may not seem like much to some, but to ME, it was HUGE! I also worked on planks -- still having trouble with those... but it will come. I was doing full planks on my hands, not on the elbows. I am determined to be able to hold a full plank for at least 1 minute in the next two weeks. It's just something I want to accomplish!

Another little thing that I did today, not something I would have EVER thought about doing before, was racing my son from the porch to the car. LOL He was giggling the whole time. When we returned home, he didn't wait for me to race him... I was kind of disappointed, if I tell the truth.

Now, like I said, I went to a wedding. Usually, you know well in advance of going to a wedding. I knew only as of last night that I'd be going. I was a little nervous about attending the reception. I didn't know if I was ready to face wedding food. I wasn't sure I would be able to pass up the "goodies" -- However, I feel that I did quite well! I filled my plate with shrimp and cocktail sauce, crackers and cheese, spanikopita, a mini quiche, and peanuts. I gave my mom the mini quiche, and I threw the crackers away eating only 1/2 of one of them. I passed up my favorite mints.. those little cream cheese mints. I eyed them a few times, and even started to get one when I was fixing my plate. But then, I stopped and I thought... you know I REALLY want to taste the cake, and if I eat the mint, I will feel guilty! So, I decided, it wasn't worth the guilt. And about that cake. Mom and I decided we would share a piece. When we got to the table, the cake was nearly gone, so we just asked for 1/2 of a slice and we each took two bites of cake. It was all that we needed. Neither of us left feeling stuffed nor were we hungry, just satisfied.

So, here is what I ate today:

Breakfast burrito: 2 egg whites, mushrooms, onions, red peppers, chili powder and garlic, raw baby spinach, salsa and a whole wheat tortilla
1/2 a serving of yogurt raisins

fruit salad (banana, strawberries, blueberries)
carrots and a 2 teaspoons of hummus

Wedding Food (aka Lunch):
12 steamed shrimp (w/ cocktail sauce)
1 spanikopita triangle
15 cocktail peanuts
6 small cubes of cheese (pepper jack, colby jack, cheddar)
1/2 of a cracker
2 bites of cake

Black Beans
Brown Rice
a teaspoon of plain greek yogurt (used as sour cream)
4 power berries (covered in dark chocolate)

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