Sunday, March 20, 2011

A hard weekend!

This weekend has been GLORIOUS, but difficult. It was a "real life" weekend. I wasn't in my isolated little bubble where I just cook for myself and my family and worry about no "outside forces" on my eating and working out.

Friday night, we had a wonderful cookout at my sister's house. I started Friday with a shopping spree. I had to buy food for Caity's party, and a few groceries for home. I went to Kroger, Trader Joes and Whole Foods as well as a quick stop into Frostings to get a special thank you for my husband. I did NOT get myself anything at Frostings. :D Go Me!

Friday food journal:
English Muffin
MSF Veggie Patty

1/4 of a pre-made Whole Foods salad (rustic root veggie salad)


almonds and walnuts

Gigantic salad w/ Caesar Vinaigrette and feta and grilled chicken slices
Grilled shrimp

My sister decided she'd make a triffle for the cookout. Brownies, chocolate pudding, whipped topping and cherry pie filling. -- I stayed AWAY from it! When everyone had finished eating, I just could not look at it sitting out any longer, so I took it upon myself to put it away. Great move, out of site out of mind! I managed to get in all of my water on Friday, despite being super busy!

So, Saturday was the big party day! I had to pick up the cake at 9 am. We'd stayed up late watching the game the night before (GO RAMS GO) -- so I was late waking up and did not have time to grab breakfast before leaving the house. Then I had to drop off the cake at my parent's house and then go pick up some of my kids from my sister's house. I got home at 11 am... STARVING and GRUMPY! So I quickly fixed my breakfast and ate it. I had to run back to my parents house, so I grabbed a snack to take with me, as not to eat any foods from mom's that might be trigger foods to keep eating (her house is NOT SAFE for someone with an eating addiction). I got everything fixed and ready for the party and then ran home to shower and get my kids. The party was great and I did pretty well staying on task. I planned ahead what I was going to eat and I stuck to that plan, until the cake came out. Princess flavor... oh my. Yes, cutting the cake, I was salivating. Kalico Kitchen cake is not a safe food in my house! I cannot resist the smell! I ate a very small slice of cake. Then I had some icing. I kept TRYING to keep myself away from it. Then someone would talk to me and stand right by the cake. UGH! I had another bite of discarded icing... CURSE YOU ICING! Finally, I could take it no longer, I sliced up all of the cake, put it in plastic wrap and zip lock bags and then scraped all of the extra icing off and put it in the middle of the cardboard and then folded up the cardboard and said "Someone THROW THIS AWAY PLEASE!" -- At last, temptation was removed. All night, I beat myself up for being so weak minded and allowing the cake and icing to have power over me. Then this morning, when I woke up, I realized that I had actually done very well... in the past, I would have kept taking slivers of cake (I did take a second small slice later in the evening, before I cut it up and put it all away. So, technically, I had the equivalent of 1 regular slice) -- in the past, I wouldn't have thrown any of that extra icing away, it would have landed right on my hips as I licked my fingers and lips! I realize, that while it was not a perfect day... I had made a major improvement and come so far from my former self. I was able to celebrate a small victory. So, after the party, then it was time for my sister in law's birthday dinner. Homemade chicken enchiladas by my mother. *sigh* Her enchiladas are my favorite food, next to pizza (which I have not had ANY pizza since before I started my journey. I know I will again, just haven't wanted it.) Her enchiladas are FAT CITY! I ate 1/2 of one (actually, a little less than 1/2). I knew I did not need or want more. Then it was time to sing happy birthday and more cake (this time Ukrops cake) -- My mom had the audacity to ask me if I wanted cake and ice cream. Now I adore my mother, she's one of my best friends. But, she has this southern hospitality mentality that she has to offer everything to everyone or she's being mean. I politely declined her invitation... with NO regrets. I was probably rude to my sister in law when she walked in yesterday... she walked into the party with a banana pudding milkshake from ChickFilA... well it just so happens, I looked up the nutrition on that recently and that shake (the small) is over 800 calories. She is unaware of my journey. But when she walked in and started gushing about her shake, I looked at her and said, "That thing is over 800 calories... for the SMALL!" -- She just waved her hand and said, "Oh Well, I'll take it!" There is so much more I could say about that, but I won't as it would be gossip and that would be wrong... as she isn't here to defend herself. So anyway, if I was wrong or not, at least she now has food for thought!

Saturday Food Journal

Sausage and cheese eng muffin


turkey/swiss wrap w. spinach on whole wheat tortilla (which sister in law spit out... LOL ... she was not a fan of the low cal tortilla choice)
carrots & hummus
grape tomatoes and cauliflower w/ a scant amount of cucumber dip
1/2 serving of whole wheat cheeze-its
1/2 slice of cake

1/2 turkey wrap (no cheese)
1/2 slice cake (eek)

1/2 a homemade chicken enchilada

lots and lots of water

Sunday was a crazy day as well! Wils had to sing at his preschool this morning for their PreSchool Sunday service. The morning was hectic, but we made it to church on time with ALL of the kids! Afterward, Cook-Out was where everyone wanted to go. I was not interested in buying anything there, because I wanted a turkey wrap at home. SO, I ate a taste of Matt's chicken quesadilla and then once we finally got home, I fixed a nice lunch for myself. The rest of the afternoon was a little crazy as well. I had to go pick up my "new in box" jogging stroller that I got off of Craigs List! Yahoooooo!!! Then when I got back, it was time to get to the grocery store for our weekly groceries! And I had to take Maegs to Dicks for soccer cleats and then to BW3 for game food. And I TOTALLY forgot that I was supposed to deliver baskets for Maegan's school Silent Auction... they are sitting on my kitchen counter and I STILL forgot about them! Duh! Feeling pretty crummy about that right now.

Sunday Food Journal

Sausage Cheese Eng Muffin

1/4 chicken quesadilla from Cook-Out

Turkey and Cheese wrap with spinach and red pepper on whole wheat tortilla
Salad w/ spinach, romaine, onion, red pepper, ice burg, cabbage, carrots, caesar vinaigrette and feta cheese


1/2 serving Grilled Chicken Buffalitos
1/2 serving of chips and salsa in the Buffalitos meal

all my water

And now, I'm going to bed, because my neighbor and I plan to get up in the morning and go for a run (probably more of a slog, but we are going to do it!)

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