Friday, March 11, 2011


Gave my leg a little rest today. Still having some pressure issues with certain ways I step or get up from a seated position. Showed my kids and sister the backwards crab walk move. To which my kids promptly took it upon themselves to show me how "easy" it is. I did not have the heart to tell them that I have a whole lot more weight to bear than they do! Instead, I praised their efforts.

When Wils saw my breakfast this morning, he said, "hey, I want that." referring to my fruit salad. I promised to make him one for lunch. Then at dinner, I decided they should try tilapia. I did not bother telling them what was on their plate. Low and behold they all ate it. Maegan said," I ate all of my chicken! It was great!" I kept my secret and smiled. I am blessed to have good eaters... They don't often complain about the food on their plates.

After dinner, the kids took to showing us their athletic abilities. Maegan wowed us with bridges, handstands and yoga poses. Mia tumbled. Wils flexed his muscles and worked on bridges and crab walks. Maegan showed us perfect form planks and push ups. She makes me proud. I asked if she and Wils could do sit-ups, neither could... I don't feel so bad! Of course Wils does all of this with no shirt on. We can count every rib and vertebrae... If I hadn't carried him for nine months and he didn't look like my father, I would seriously wonder if he was mine!

Ok here is my food journal:


English muffin

MSF sausage patty

Swiss cheese

Fruit salad (blueberries, sliced banana and strawberries)

Dark chocolate covered power berries


Carrots and white bean hummus

1 Triscuit


Turkey wrap with spinach and sun dried tomato basil hummus on whole wheat tortilla


Cocoa roasted almonds


Tilapia on a bed of spinach and mushrooms

Baked sweet potato

Salad with feta and vinaigrette

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