Thursday, March 17, 2011

Cheek Bones

So, this morning I woke up and an old friend greeted me in the mirror... it was my cheek bones! Hadn't seen those in a while. Welcome back old friend! Now I look more like my mother again... that's a good thing... if you know her, you know she's beautiful and to look anything like her is a very happy thought. It is frustrating, but wonderful all at the same time, that I show my weight loss in my face before it really shows anywhere else. I feel it elsewhere, like in the pants I need to give away. But people don't notice those areas as much, they notice my face. I can't wait to run into someone (anyone) and have them notice! Today was the first day that I noticed my face has changed. I saw my collarbones in a mirror while at a party 2 weeks ago... it was the motivation to push me past my temptation of eating King Cake. I'm so ready to see a big change, but I know the little changes have to happen first.

My calf injury is REALLY getting on my nerves. Today I felt very weak in class. I cannot do anything above low impact right now without a lot of pain. Hoping to join AmFamFit this week, and take some water aerobics classes to help! More ice and rest this weekend... this is NOT happiness. It's going to be gorgeous today and tomorrow, and I'd LOVE to get a game of tennis in with my husband! We've not done that in ages and it would be such a treat. I actually think I'm going to schedule a babysitter on Matt's mornings off (Every other Friday) so that we can go play tennis. That is something we both really enjoyed when we were dating and first married and we just don't have time for it now! That has to change. -- Just realized I called tennis a TREAT! HA! That is PROOF of things changing -- treats used to be food related! Now a treat is a facial, a game of tennis, joining the pool, a pedicure etc. I love how the mind is changing WITH the changes I am making. Awesome!

I am hungry this morning, but I know if I put food in right now, I will be puking... I may not have been fast today or been able to do everything everyone else did, but I DID push it, and thus my tummy is not thrilled... LOL that just cracks me up how I have to wait a few hours after class before I can eat. It's a good thing I grab a banana for the road before class!

I'm enjoying carpooling with one of my classmates. She's an inspiration in more ways than on, not just on the class front, but also on the home front! Kay Rocks!

Now, if only my leg wasn't giving me a fit, I'd love to go DANCING this weekend... the music we play in class makes me want to get my groove on... I think we should have a class where we just dance the whole time... Maybe I should buy the treehouse a disco ball... I think it is needed! ;)

Have a wonderful Thursday... oh and

GO RAMS GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
in case you missed it, My VCU Rams advanced to the bracket last night!!! They were the underdogs to USC and they brought their A game (despite some very invalid fouls called by the refs) and won 59-46! BLACK AND YELLOW BLACK AND YELLOW... We are in the BIG DANCE!!! Now, who has my plane ticket to Chicago?

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