Thursday, March 10, 2011

OH My Aches and Pains

Today kicked my bootay! At one point, I nearly threw up (thanks crab walk).I even got rug burn on my pinky fingers! (Ouch) And I have my first injury, but worked through it... Not sure what exactly it is, as it is a pain I haven't felt before. The pain runs up the outside of my left calf, and hurts when jumping jacks or climbing stairs. It's almost like knife going in my leg at that point... so, to put it plainly, it hurts. (Gonna ask my mom in law for exercises to fix it -- she's a physical therapist assistant, boy am I blessed! -- and she's a big supporter for me!)

There is not a part of my body that doesn't hurt, other than my face. I'm not complaining. As Kim put it this morning, the hurting just means I'm getting stronger! WOOHOO! My arms were literally shaking this morning, and my thighs were begging for mercy! BUT, the strangest thing, my lower abs AGAIN were burning as though we worked them the whole class... I think that means I am doing something right.

I have to give mad props to the gorgeous man in my life! My precious husband stayed up ALL NIGHT with a sick little cranky Mia... because he knew I needed to make it to my class this morning. I OWE that man so much! I can't thank him enough for supporting me so fully on this journey! He even popped into the room at 4:45 this morning and whispered, "Honey? It's quarter to 5, I just didn't want you to oversleep." -- my alarm went off about 2 minutes later... but that he thought about me and was encouraging me after not sleeping all night meant the world to me. I love that Man!

Another interesting thing came about during class this morning. I happened to wear my Congenital Heart Walk t-shirt that I earned last year at the Congenital Heart Walk of Greater DC. One of my classmates asked me about it. I love an opportunity to share about Congenital Heart Defects and the Children's Heart Foundation!!! It turns out, she's being seen tomorrow for possible congenital heart defects -- ADULT DETECTION -- missed all of her childhood! (This should NEVER happen!) So much work is left to be done!!!

When I got home this morning, Maegan asked about my shirt and asked if we will be doing the Congenital Heart Walk again this year... and my reply is YES, two times, in fact! May 22 we will walk at American University in DC and then November 19 we will walk at Richmond International Raceway in Richmond! I would LOVE to have people join my team and help me raise awareness and raise money to help fund research for the #1 birth defect! JUST ASK ME HOW!!! (I'm actually helping to plan the Richmond walk and looking for committee members, so if you want to be involved on that level... let me know!) My goal is $1000 for the May 22 walk, so far I've raised $25... If you want to donate, go here! It would mean so much to me to have your support! The walk is 1.2 miles and is family friendly. It is such a great time and we meet such amazingly beautiful people who have been touch by Congenital Heart Disease.

Today is an exciting day for little Cait... she has her Cardiologist appointment with Dr. McQuilken. We are hoping to see that her issues have resolved on their own. This would be such great news! I think if her PDA is still open, then she will have to come back again in a year... but not sure on that. If it is still open, I may get a second opinion to make sure there is nothing we need to do. With her VSD, there really is nothing to do, as long as it does not get bigger! I'm excited to look at her sweet heart on ECHO today. I love to see God's creation at work... that beating heart is AMAZING!!!

I am so NOT wanting to eat breakfast this morning. That workout killed my appetite. I had half a banana before class... I know I need more to eat. Maybe I'll be hungry after I take Wils to school.

I'll update with a food journal before bedtime!


  1. You are definitely lucky to have a guy like Matt! Richard is a great guy, but the heck if he would do that! haha! :)

    I'm so proud of you and your workouts! Keep us updated on your leg pain and what your mother-in-law told you about it.

    Just wanted to let you know that I'm thinking of you and do so often. You're doing so great with the healthy eating. I totally agree that eating healthy foods decreases the craving for other things. I hadn't had a french fry in weeks until the other day when Mason and Marlon wanted me to share some with them. I ate one and it actually tasted pretty gross. They used to be one of my FAVORITE things... along with Cheetos and Doritos. I still don't keep those in the house because I don't know if I could resist them or not. :)

    Love ya girl and keep it up! :)

  2. Thanks, Amy! Yes, I am NOT a fan of French fries. I ended that love affair a while ago. I refuse to take my kids to McD's. I will take them to CFA but they get fruit with their nuggets. Matt will take them to snic, and again, fruit with their food. I just hat McDs nuggets, but Matt will take them there. Hush Puppies are a weakness, I was faced with them last week. I ate one and walked as far away from the table as possible and out of view. I have had cheetos and dorritos in the house for two weeks and have not touched them (difficult with cheetos, as they are another weakness)... Even the kids barely ask for them and often leave them on their plate unfinished. I'm super fortunate that my kids have always enjoyed healthy foods, so it was really just me that needed the meal makeover. Soccer season is cming up, so I will be packing our snacks and lunch for a day on the fields... I usually pack fresh berries, raisins, nuts for snack. This year I'll have to pack lunches as well. I see lots of wraps and carrots and hummus in our future! We always take water bottles. Matt is coaching both Maegan and Wils' soccer teams. Wils plays at 8 am and Maegan at noon. Gah!

    It is my gastronomius muscle that I have injured. Icing it!