Thursday, March 31, 2011

Yoga in the morning Meeting in the evening

At 5:30 in the morning, when you hear you are getting ready to do yoga, what would you think? Me, well, I thought, I'm too sleepy for this. BUT, I'll do it, because I have seen what yoga can do for a body. I like to think I have good balance, then I try a yoga pose... and well, I have a lot to learn!

I definitely did not fall asleep during this class. I was sweating like a pig. My heart was beating out of my chest. I tried everything, though wasn't successful at everything. I'm feeling it tonight. So very sore... but worth it! If I thought my arms were hurting before today, well, that was nothing!

It's fantastic discovering new facets of my body... my collar bones are now showing, my shoulders are rounding out, my biceps are tightening up. Over all the body is changing. It's nice zipping up my coat and it fits perfectly comfortably over my hips. The soreness is quite worth it!

So, here was my food intake for today!

sausage, cheese, eng muffin

six pieces of honey nut chex
mini luna bar

Shrimp n veggie fajita

1 piece of dark choc.
1 cup of Multigrain Cheerios

crab cake and salad -- balsamic vinaigrette (barely any, as it was on the side and I just dipped my fork in it before picking up my salad bites)

All of my water (64+ oz)

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