Sunday, March 13, 2011

It's Sunday night and I feel Alright!

What a GLORIOUS Sunday! WOW! Could not have asked for more beautiful weather. The older kids went to church with Daddy while I stayed home with the two recovering from the stomach bug. When they got home, Daddy took the three oldest out to lunch and to the park while Baby Cait slept. When she woke up, I decided she and I needed to get out TOO! So we went on a 2.5 mile walk through our neighborhood. I had no idea that's how far we went, until I had Matt track the mileage with his car. As we were rounding the corner for home, my cell phone rang and it was Matt asking where we were, and I said, "I'm actually watching you right now." He turned and found me and then said, "Wait there, I'll pick you up." I replied, "NO, you wait there and I'll meet you!" (I didn't want to quit my walk early!) Off to Gammy and PopPop's house we went.

I walked into the house and Gammy was making chocolate dipped strawberries. She had blueberries and strawberries laid out on paper towels on the counter. I looked at her and said, "it is snack time mom, I have to eat NOW. Can I have some fruit?" She let me have at it and I made a delicious fruit salad w/ her fresh berries and a banana. She was making goodies to take to a neighborhood dinner. She said, I'll leave a chocolate dipped strawberry for you. I said, "No thanks!" (GO me!)

While there, we watched Selection Sunday. My throat is KILLING ME now, because I screamed like a banshee when my VCU RAMS were selected for a seed in the Big Dance. We jumped around and screamed and high fived, and made Caity cry. (Whoopsy) Too bad their game is in Illinois and not in DC or Charlotte! Bummer!

I challenged my sister and Matt to some sit ups. My sis was able to do one, and Matt was able to do many, but they put strain on his lower back, so he had to stop (he has a bad lower back, and thankfully has only had to have a shot to help it, where many have to have surgery). I did ten before I dropped. We also planked and tried some push ups, but my shoulders are still fussin from Thursday, so my attempts were futile! I also attempted a side plank. I've got to work on my balance!

I am looking into getting a new jogging stroller, just a single this time... that umbrella stroller was NOT my friend on the walk, and I feel as though it limited my speed. Craigslist here I come!

Now I am closing up the computer and heading to Martins for a quick grocery trip. Gotta get my essentials for the week! I'm fresh out of eggs, bread and produce!

Food Journal today is not so great. I just didn't eat much. Wasn't really hungry and stayed relatively busy all day.

English Muffin
Veggie Sausage Patty

Yogurt Raisins
Cocoa Roasted Almonds

sauted mushrooms onions spinach and garlic
black beans
whole wheat tortilla
2 triscuits

fruit salad

a sip of "clear soup" (From Tokyo Sushi)
3 pieces of a Spicy Crunchy Shrimp Roll

I drank all of my water today plus some!

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