Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Sleepy Time

Today was a ROUGH day! Caity woke up on this, her first birthday, with a fever. She didn't want to do anything but have mommy hold her. Mia was cranky and complaining of her tummy hurting. We picked up Wils from school and proceeded to go pick up lunch (Chick Fil A) -- only we never made it. Cait puked in her car seat. Flew home, took Cait and her car seat straight to the bathroom. Bathed her and held her until she fell asleep.

Matt picked up Wils and Mia and took them out for lunch, since I was busy with Cait. Once they returned, I knew Mia was not well. It took about an hour before she finally got it out... and she won't puke in a potty -- so I got to hold a bucket. FUN!

Meanwhile, I was feeling frumpy and dumpy today. I went online and posted to my Body Back ladies, who encouraged me to either get outside or exercise. While the kids were out with Matt, I did a short little stint on the Wii Fit (even though I REALLY wanted a sonic Cherry Limeade and pint of Ben & Jerry's) -- then I folded clothes. I felt a little better.

After Mia's episode, she was screaming, Cait was fussy, and I was near the end of my rope. Poor Wils was being so sweet and trying to talk to me and I was just getting so frustrated. I looked at him and apologized to him for me being so grumpy. He's such a good kid. Maegan was at school and then at the church Wednesday afterschool program... so she missed all the excitement, which is a GOOD thing. I called Matt at 5 and said, I NEED YOU to come home. He got here after 6 (normal)... by then Cait and Mia had both fallen asleep. Mia woke up when he got here and I said, SEE YA! I had to go pick up Maegan, but first I had to get to the grocery store -- the kids are out of waffles and well, that is just not a good thing in this house! I went for veggies, fruit and waffles, but ended up with a ton of seafood in addition -- I'm addicted. I ended up buying 3 bags of spinach because I'm finding I eat it for almost every meal! Cooked in eggs for breakfast, cooked w/ garlic for dinner and shoved in the middle of my sandwich for lunch -- it adds LOADS of crunch! YUM! After groceries, I finally got to Chick Fil A -- and I made excellent choices... when I could have easily given in to temptation and gotten a milkshake! (insert happy dance here... I resisted temptation on a very emotional and stressful day!)

So, here is my food journal for today:

Breakfast (was VERY hungry this morning when I woke up)
2 egg whites
red bell pepper
english muffin (high fiber/multigrain)
MSF veggie sausage

walnuts & almonds

flatbread spread w/ sundried tomato basil hummus, turkey, swiss and spinach

8 powerberries covered in dark chocolate

ChickfilA Chargrilled Chicken Sandwich (no pickles)
side salad, croutons (1/2 the package), ff honey mustard (1/2 the package)

8 glasses of water (plus more)

Now SLEEP, because 4:45 comes EARLY!!!

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