Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Food Journal

Today was a weird day because I spent a lot of the day icing my leg... so I definitely did not feel up to cooking and standing in my kitchen. I did, however, make good choices! It was also a "face temptation" day! My daughter's school had a fundraiser at Carvel -- the ice cream shop. Yes, I went, I wanted the kids to help out the school. My husband went as well. Each child got their own junior cup of ice cream, Cait got a tiny cup of soft serve. My husband got something that looked delicious! I fed Caity her ice cream and sat with Matt and Mia... Maegan, Wils and my nephew, Dawson, sat at the window bar. Mia had cotton candy ice cream... bright pink w/ sprinkles. She was finished with it pretty quickly, and there was over 1/2 of the cup left. So, I picked up the spoon, and put a little of the ice cream on the spoon... when I say little, imagine one of those sample spoons and not even putting enough on the sample spoon to fill out the spoon... I tasted it, one lick, and thought, OMG that is disgustingly sweet! I pushed the ice cream to my husband and he polished it off. Then I said, "Take me to Tokyo Sushi!"

So here is the journal for today, my third Tuesday of Body Back:

Poached Egg on multigrain high fiber english muffin w/ spinach and cheese

Yogurt Raisins

1/2 cup of left over spaghetti w/ amped up veggie tomato sauces (I added peppers onions and mushrooms)
salad (spinach, romaine, iceburg, cabbage, carrots)
Caesar Vinaigrette

Triscuits w/ shredded pepper jack cheese melted on top

Spicy Shrimp Roll (shared w/ hubby)
California Roll (these rolls are smaller than the ones you get in the grocery stores)
salad w/ ginger dressing (on the side and I dipped my fork in the dressing and then picked up my salad, rather than pouring the dressing over the salad, I had about 85% of the salad dressing left after I ate!)

All of my water!

Great choices for an off day! I'm ready for a fish day, but that has to wait until Thursday as tomorrow is church, so we are eating leftover spaghetti! (One batch of spaghetti goes A LONG WAY when you eat the correct serving size, even in a family of six!) Tomorrow the kids are off from school, so it may be a chick fil a day... but I got that, NO WORRIES! :D The kids even eat fruit rather than fries. They are not complaining about this "healthy eating" change that we've made. I've always tried to feed them healthy foods most of the time, so really it's been more of a change for me than for them, as I was the one who was not eating properly!

Resting the leg for the rest of the week. I will be doing body back on Thursday, but keeping things low impact because of my calf. I'm pretty mad about it, as I was really hoping to get some walks in with this gorgeous weather coming up on Thursday and Friday! Walking doesn't seem to bother it, mainly standing up from a seated position or jumping or sideways movements bother it. I'll be focusing on abs this week, for certain! Going to try to balance on my "sits bones" (don't know if I spelled that right) and do some oblique work... I don't want no muffin top! ;)

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  1. Totally forgot to add in my PRE-WORKOUT Snack -- one medium banana!